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Boost Rider is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Arthrowheel from the planet Chelys. He is a free use alien.


Boost Rider looks like a scorpion-like alien with dark green hair. He has six short legs that might become wheels, which have an electric blue color. These six wheels can fuse into two separate ones. He also has a red-purple mask covering his teeth, but he often removes it when he is out of control.


Boost Rider cannot always control himself, and has a strong will of defeating the opponent. He gets annoyed at any minor inconvenience, and can even attack innocent bystanders if only provoked.

Powers and Abilities

Boost Rider can create a bluish energy wheel from each of his feet, and then fuse them together. This is very useful to ride and ram walls, or attack with the stinger on his tail.

Boost Rider has sharp claws and teeth, though the teeth are hidden by a mask. When he tears it off, he gets four bloody teeth that he can use to tear apart his victims.

Despite only moving on two wheels, Boost Rider appears to be able to balance himself.

Boost Rider can electrify his wheels, which makes him able to create an electric trail under himself. He can also conduct the electricity he creates by short-circuiting himself.


Boost Rider's teeth and bite power powers are reduced by its mask, but removing it will make the alien dangerous. His radioactive origins hardware him for battle and war.

When short-circuiting his body, Boost Rider feels a certian amount of pain, as he does not have a total electricity immunity.


Boost Rider is a play on Ghost Rider, a Marvel superhero with a similar mask.


  • Other designs of Boost Rider exist. These were scrapped poses.
  • Boost Rider's mask was made in order to encourage people to wear masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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