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Boomboxx is the Codon Stream's sample of a Metatorian,from the planet Sonorosia and silliconia.He is an alien in the Multimatrix the most powerful creation ever.

He can destroy upchuck Norris easily.


Boomboxx is a living Speaker his head is in the shape of a cube that is purplish/blue.For ears he has to speakers on the sides of his head,he is also short about Echo Echo's height.The top of his arms,front of his legs and front of his head are purple,the rest of his is blue.On his arms and legs there are three speakers there is also a large on on his back.He has green eyes in the shape of a rectangle his face is also silver.The omnitrix symbol is on his chest around four speakers on his chest.His voice sounds like Ben's that is very high-pitched.

Powers and abilities[]

Boomboxx can duplicate and create and manipulate sonic waves like Echo Echo but boomboxx's sonic waves are much,much more powerful,they also work in space even,though sound cannot travel through the vacuum of space.Boomboxx can manipulate his sonic screams making them burn or freeze objects,they can also levitate things.Also he is able to fly and he can use echolocation,there is no limit to how much he can increase his sonic waves, they can also and record things.By using his recording ability he is able to take the voice of any person, he also gains there history and everything that happend to them, he can use this ability even if the person just says one word.Boomboxx is also highly intelligent and he can Shapeshift, he is also very agile and being made out of sillicon he can take a high amount of damage.Boomboxx can duplicate items he is holding and can detect vibrations.


boomboxx's sonic waves can harm people if they do not have the right protection.


Boomboxx is the most powerful sound based alien.

He is much,much more powerful then Echo Echo.

His home planet is a pun on sillicon.

He is an alien in the Multimatrix.

He is used by Ben Tennyson and Dante Meyers