General Information
Species Bon Niaobu
Home World Canobai
Body Large, Round, Tall branches, Low to the ground
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Increased strength, Very heavy, Increased durablity, Digging abilities
First Appearance Unknown (Variable X)

Unknown (Pen 10)

Bonzai is an alien in Variable X. He is classified as one of Stump's aliens.

Visual Appearence

At first Bonzai appears to be a regular bonsai tree but when its body is above ground you notice that its real body is actually a clump of dirt sewn togethor with a complex of roots which end at the bottom of its body and work as tiny feet. It wears a faint white mawashi (sumo wrestling diaper) and it has two brown eyes(hard to see) and a mouth that rarely ever moves and stays camoflauged.


Bonzai has not appeared in Variable X

Character History

Variable X

Season 1

Bonzai has not appeared in Variable X yet.


  • The mawashi that Bonzai wears is part of its body and is used to protect the heart and other important organs and arteries. It is made up of a stretchy, faint white fabric which occurs naturally with most species on its planet.
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