General Information
Species Bakutori
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid Feline
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Explosion Infusement
Sharp Blades
Equipment Model-X Symbol

Bombcat is the Model-X's DNA Sample of a Bakutori from an unknown planet.


Bombcat has a feline body shape, although it's hidden as Bombcat is dressed head to toe in a spandex-like attire. Most notable are his cat-like ears that pop out from the mask. His clothing is dark blue and pink in coloration, complete with a mask covering the entirety of his head. The mask has many diamond-like shapes around the eyes. The eyes themselves are white with small blue pupils while also glowing bright white when his power is used. Bombcat possesses sharp blades traveling down his arms as well as two twin tails with pointed ens.

The collar of the suit has the letters "B.C." printed out in big golden lettering. He also wears a white belt with a golden buckle on the front. To complete the look he wears cowboy boots.

The Model-X is placed on his right hip, along the strap of the belt.


  • Explosion Infusion: Bombcat, when making physical contact with something, is able to charge it with explosive energies. The infused object doesn't hold a charge for very long, so Bombcat usually decides to detonate right upon contact.
  • Explosive Punches: Bombcat is able to charge his own punches so that they give off an explosive aftershock when a punch lands.
  • Explosive Wave: Bombcat performs this move by slamming his hands into the ground and sending out an explosive wave of energy in a variably wide area around himself. Bombcat usually does these explosions in creative shapes, although that isn't necessary.
  • Consecutive Spread Explosion: Objects already charged can spread the charge onto other objects in contact with it. This ability only works on small objects.


  • Bombcat's personality is overly powerful whenever Kentaro transforms into him. He behaves in a rather... bombastic manner and doesn't take much of anything seriously. He seems to enjoy the fight and enjoys blowing things up even more.
  • Bombcat is not immune to his own explosions, although he isn't afraid to detonate things right in front of his face.

History and Appearances



  • Bombcat's abilities, appearance and behavior were originally inspired by Killer Queen from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure... But upon realization of the existence of Bomb 2 Hell, his design was changed to match B2H's creator, CaT.
  • Bombcat's name is not a lazy combination of Bomb and Cat, it's a play on Bomb and Bobcat.
  • Bombcat, like Projectionist, looks nothing like the natural version of his species and perhaps has the most physical changes compared to the rest of the Base Playlist.
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