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General Information
Species Vomvan
Home World Zhadan
Body Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Citsabmob - Negative Counterpart
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Bomb Generation


Fire Bombs

Users Deimios Miedo

The Pyro-Knight

Ned Greenberg

Series Simien 10: Blood Monkey

Den -10

Bombastic is an alien in Simien 10: Blood Monkey and Den -10.


Bombastic is an orange humanoid, with flames coming out of his arms. His feet are composed of a metallic nob with four claws coming out, while his hands are the same but with three claws. His head is grey, with two orange eyes and a flaming mouth, while a fire comes out of his head.Two flame colored tubes go around his chest, while his Hexatrix symbol resides below.

Bombastic's bombs are roundish black/orange ball of flames.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bomb Generation
    • Fire Bombs
    • Cluster Bombs

Bombastic can generate bombs from the palms of hands, which can range from regular bombs, to fire bombs which act like Molotovs, or cluster bombs, by attaching multiple small bombs to a large bomb. Bombastic can detonate his bombs from long range by thought. Bombastic can also create larger explosions by charging up a bomb in his hand.

  • Pyrokinesis

Bombastic can also fire out flames independently from his hands or mouth. His Pyrokinesis is also what allows him to detonate his bombs from range.

  • Explosive Flight

Bombastic can continuously detonate bombs beneath his feet to allow him to fly in a way.

  • Fire Immunity
  • Explosion Immunity

Bombastic is immune to both fire and explosions, although he can still be affected by a bomb's shockwave/knockback.

  • Enhanced Agility
  • Self-Detonation

If there is truly no way out, Bombastic can charge himself to self-detonate the dormant bombs in his body, creating a massive deadly explosion, much larger than most of his bombs. However, this will kill the user, obviously. Bombastic can simulate a much small scale version of this by spreading out fire around him.


While contact with water will not kill Bombastic, it will disable his fire powers until he dries off.



  • Bombastic's species is asexual.
  • Vomvan's species eggs look incredibly similar to their bombs, scaring off any potential predators.



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