General Information
Species: TBA
Home World: TBA
Body: Large Humanoid Beetle
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Explosive Chemical Secretion
Shock Resistance
Classification: Fauna
Motif: Bombardier Beetle
First Appearance: Trial X Fire

Bombadier is an alien from the series Tech Cross.


Bombadier is an insectoid alien whose species evolved permanently curled-up wings that function as a deposit for explosive chemicals secreted from their back.

When Bombadier needs to use these chemicals, funnels in her exoskeleton will pump them toward the ejection organs on her arms, spraying them out at high speed.

This unique chemical mixture will only explode upon making contact with its target, allowing for precise, controlled detonations.

Bombadier's exoskeleton is specially designed to resist shock damage. While this evolved to protect her species from their own explosions, it also allows them to tank blows that would kill most other species.


Bombadier's exoskeleton, while all but immune to blunt blows, can still be pierced with a sharp enough object.



  • Bombadier's name is a combination of the words "bombardier" and "grenadier".


Bombadier as a whole is based on the bombardier beetle, which can eject boiling chemicals from its abdomen by mixing them to explode in its own body.


  • The two yellow spots on top of Bombadier's head are not real eyes, instead being eyespots intended to fool predators.
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