Bomb Over Heaven
Bomb Over HeavenBG
General Information
Species 1/2 Mikha'el'baia
Home World N/A
DNA source 1/2 Bomb 2 Hell
1/2 Silver Mt. Zion
Body Armored/Angelic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Guardians of Purgatory
Judgement Fire
Equipment Armor
Classification Fauna/Automata
Namesake See Bomb 2 Hell and Silver Mt. Zion
First Appearance TBD

Bomb Over Heaven is the hypothetical fusion of Bomb 2 Hell and Silver Mt. Zion from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Bomb Over Heaven's abilities include:

  • Guardians of Purgatory
    • This ability allows Bomb Over Heaven to dispatch up to six ethereal phantoms that merge with and reside within a designated host. While the phantom is in effect, any outside force that attempts to change the current "state" of their host, whether it be to harm or to heal, will be attacked by the phantom and turned into a bomb, detonating in an explosion that destroys the force entirely. Hosting a phantom also makes a given being immune to any and all explosions, including the ones created by the phantoms themselves.
  • Judgement Fire
    • Bomb Over Heaven can generate streams of silver flame that, upon touching a sentient target, will "judge" the target's heart. If the target's heart has more good than evil, they will remain unaffected by the fire, but those deemed unworthy will burn away into dust.
  • Flight
    • Bomb Over Heaven has the ability to fly, seemingly without moving its wings.


Bomb Over Heaven is a humanoid alien with black skin. It has white markings on its arms, stomach, and hips, and wears silver armor over various parts of its body. The armor on its head is lengthened into horn-like structures, in the middle of which floats a singular open eye.

Instead of a countdown timer, it has a single diamond-shaped marking on its chest that constantly displays a single-digit number. What causes each number to appear and what exactly they mean is unknown.


Bomb Over Heaven's Judgement Fire will only burn those who believe themselves to be evil. Those who perform harmful deeds for what they believe to be a good cause still have a good heart, but a corrupt mind, and will not be affected.


  • Bomb Over Heaven was mostly created because the concept sounded cool and may or may not appear in the show proper. As such, the only art for it right now is a quick fifteen minute sketch with a fancy background.
  • Bomb Over Heaven was created around the concept of purgatory as a way of balancing Silver Mt. Zion's heavenly theme and Bomb 2 Hell's...well, yeah.
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