Bomb 2 Matter
Bomb 2 Matter.png
General Information
Species: 1/2 Mikha'el'baia
1/2 Sentient Chemicoal
Home World: N/A
DNA Source: 1/2 Bomb 2 Hell
1/2 MindMatter
Body: Crystalline Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Telekinesis
Bomb Infusion
Psychic Bombs
Timed State Lock
Classification: Fauna/Automata/Mineraloid
First Appearance: TBA

Bomb 2 Matter is a hypothetical fusion of Bomb 2 Hell and MindMatter.


Bomb 2 Matter's abilities include:

  • Telekinesis
    • Bomb 2 Matter can use telekinetic force to move objects (including his own body) around without touching them.
  • Bomb Infusion
    • Bomb 2 Matter can transform any inanimate object into a bomb by infusing them with a unique energy. The longer the energy charge, the larger the explosion.
  • Psychic Bomb Creation
    • Bomb 2 Matter can create telekinetic orbs infused with explosive energy that can either explode on impact or be detonated manually.
  • Explosion Immunity
    • Bomb 2 Matter's molecules vibrate at an adaptable sonic frequency that makes them immune to the shockwave effects of an explosion.
  • Timed State Lock
    • While Bomb 2 Matter's chest timer is counting down, he is immune to the effects that any outside forces might place on his body.
  • Limited Flight
    • Bomb 2 Matter can technically fly using his telekinetic abilities, but doing any more than hovering a few feet above the ground places tremendous strain on his body.
  • Enhanced Durability


Bomb 2 Matter is a black humanoid alien with teal crystalline chunks making up various parts of his body. His limbs and head float separately from his torso, held in place by his telekinetic power.


Bomb 2 Matter is unable to transform organic matter into bombs, and must be making direct contact with an object in order to charge it. In addition, if his telekinesis is disabled somehow, he will be unable to keep his body together.


  • Bomb 2 Matter's creation was inspired by Bomb 2 Hell and MindMatter being the two leading competitors in the voting for Featured Alien of 2017.
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