Bomb 2 Hell Requiem
General Information
Species Undead Mikha'el'baia
Home World Expitium
DNA source Bomb 2 Hell
Body Broken Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Organic Bomb Infusion
Chrono-Reversal Bomb Creation
Explosion Immunity
Classification Fauna/Automata
Alien Number Θ11
Namesake See Bomb 2 Hell
First Appearance TBA

Bomb 2 Hell Requiem is the Requiem Form of Bomb 2 Hell from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Bomb 2 Hell Requiem's abilities include:

  • Organic Explosive Infusion
    • As opposed to his original form's inability to turn organic items into bombs, Bomb 2 Hell Requiem is now only able to turn organic items into bombs.
  • Controlled Detonation
    • Bomb 2 Hell Requiem can now detonate his bombs at will instead of being restricted by his timer.
  • Chrono-Reversal Bomb Creation
    • This ability allows Bomb 2 Hell Requiem to transform objects into bombs by reversing them through time. For example, if he came across a fresh corpse, he could rewind it by, say, five minutes back to when it was alive. Once the revived corpse ages by five minutes after that, it will explode.
  • Explosion Immunity
  • Enhanced Durability


Bomb 2 Hell Requiem's basic appearance stays the same for the most part, with his jade markings having turned pink and gained slightly different shapes

His upper body appears to have been torn apart by an explosion, resulting in him losing an eye, having some of his ribs jutting through a missing chunk of his torso, his chest timer being cracked, his right arm being stripped to the bone, and his left arm having been completely blown off, with nanomachine growth replacing it as a tentacle of sorts.


Bomb 2 Hell Requiem can no longer use his arm grenades, for obvious reasons. In addition, to the broken condition of his chest timer, he can no longer use his Timed State Lock, leaving him vulnerable to attack even while his bombs are active.


  • TBA


  • Bomb 2 Hell Requiem's new color scheme was based off of Killer Queen, the primary inspiration for his base form's abilities.

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