Bob Eaton
Bob 27
General Information
Species Human/Galvanic Humanoid hybrid
Age 13
Occupation(s) Hero
Powers and abilities
Abilities Superior Intellect
Equipment Ravage Omnimatrix
Alias Bob 27
Alternate Counterparts Ahmad
Voice Actor Skyler Brigmann

 Bob Eaton, more commonly known as Bob 27, is the Dimension 27 equivelant of Ahmad.


He looks like Ahmad in all forms, except that the red is replaced with purple, blue is replaced with grey, black is replaced with light blue, white is replaced with dark blue, and grey is replaced with purple. This means that his Omnitrix Symbols are purple and light yellow instead of red and black.

Bob retains black hair and pink eyes.


Bob has a more of intelligent personality, notably similar to Sheldon Cooper.

Using advanced vocabulary, misunderstanding sarcasm, and taking things literally are notable acts he might do.

Otherwise, his is serious and determined, and ready to do anything to prevent blood spill.

Powers and Abilities

Bob possess a vast ammount of intellect, even surpassing mainstream Ahmad.

Like Ahmad, he possess a Strike Omnimatrix, which is purple in color, and names it the Ravage Omnimatrix.

Ravage Aliens

The Ravage Aliens are the D27 equivelant of the Strike Aliens.

  1. Chimeravage
  2. Airavage
  3. Mimeravage
  4. Flipperavage
  5. Electravage
  6. Nuclearavage
  7. Monsteravage


Bob's primary weakness is his lack of physical speed in human form.

He is also vulnerable to headaches.


  • I might request to use some alien names for his own...
  • While Mainstream Ahmad is obssessed with the word Strike, he is obsssessed with the word Ravage.
  • His surname was choosen spontaneously.
  • He was originally to be diagnosed with ADHD, but that would reduce his intellect. So the idea was disposed off.
  • He was inspired from the name Lego uses regularly.
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