Project Deca Movie Promo

Project Deca Movie Promo

Since Project Deca won Featured Series of the Year, I'm entering full production on the movie. Instead of focusing on past featured series again, I want the movie to be able to showcase essentially whatever it wants; as such, I'm opening up submissions for people to nominate their own series for inclusion.

Note that it must be your own series you're submitting here so there aren't any permission issues. You should also specify whether or not you want the events depicted in the movie to be canon to your universe; if not, then the version of your series shown in the movie will be an alternate world like with a majority of Project Deca's tribute episodes.

I can only include a handful of series without seriously bloating the plot, so keep in mind that yours might not be included in the final product for simplicity's sake. With all that said, let the signups begin!

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