General Information
Species Combined Litonares/Daronite
Home World Technically none; Base forms are both from Trizetra.
DNA source Luminferus
Body Decaying/Corrupted Spiked Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Blyte
Blyte (Tech 10: Rebooted)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Light Control
Shadow Control
Flash Break
Equipment Bong
First Appearance Rebooted the First
Blyte is an unstable fusion in Rebooted the First.


Blyte is a fusion of two other aliens (Umbra and Luminferus, respectively). These aliens have opposing abilities and physiologies, and combining the two creates an unstable mess of a creature whose only goal is destruction. This would be bad enough even if Blyte wasn't an extremely powerful transformation.


Blyte's abilities include:

  • Light Manipulation
    • Blyte can create and manipulate various forms of light.
  • Shadow Manipulation
    • Blyte can create and manipulate a type of light-absorbing energy called "Shadow".
  • Flash Break
    • Blyte can use his light abilities to move at near-light speed for up to five seconds at a time and use his shadow abilities as a "brake" of sorts for the ability.
  • Enhanced Strength
    • Blyte is strong enough to dismember a majority of organic creatures with his bare hands.

Physiological Notes

Blyte's claws and spikes are made of bone rather than keratin and are sharp enough to rend any flesh that comes in contact with them. This doesn't necessarily count as an ability, but it can be used for offensive purposes.

Blyte's body is heavily corrupted, featuring exposed bones and haphazard spikes. These tissues are extremely hardened, as if under the effects of rigor mortis, making him more durable than he appears.

Blyte has what appears to be five mouths on his face as opposed to having normal features such as eyes. This assumption only holds up until he opens his mouths and reveals that he has eyes in his throats. It's not clear how he eats.


Blyte's users are unable to control the transformation or keep it from going berserk, making it one hell of a liability to enemies and allies alike.


  • Blyte speaks almost entirely in nonsensical references to The Void and increasingly creative/disturbing threats of violence.
  • Blyte often attempts to laugh maniacally but lacks the proper vocal cords to do so, resulting in hoarse wheezing and choking noises more often than not.
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