General Information
Home World Upsevenia
Body Two-headed Vulture
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sharp talons
Pointy Beak

Bluzzards are a two headed vulture-like species that live on Upsevenia.


Bluzzards like to swoop down on their prey before they even know what hit them. One head scouts out predators and the other locks onto it's chosen prey. This is their primary way of hunting, but can often change tactics if food is becoming scarce. In order to this, they simply result to scavenging off dead remains. While it may be disgusting, in the predatory side of Upsevenia, anything goes. Bluzzard mothers will eat half their weight in Vibrattles, Leiurustalkers, and cacti until they lay eggs. There, they regurgitate the recently consumed food for their unhatched babies. Infant Bluzzards will try to peck and swallow anything that moves, even it's bigger than them. The infant Bluzzard's heads will constantly fight until they mature into adults. In the predatory-side of Upsevenia, they are in the middle of the food chain.

Nesting Homes

Bluzzards carve out holes in cacti with one head, and pick out any needles with the other. The two heads will fight about who gets to pick the cactus they stay in. Babies are shoved inside the cacti first, and are protected by the mother who sits directly in front of them. Sometimes, if too many predators are near the cacti, they'll screech them away and peck in the direction of their eyes. If this still does not keep predators at bay, they'll simply carry their offspring in their beaks and fly off to perch in a cave somewhere.


  • The heads are either red, grey, or hot pink.
  • The symbol in the picture of Bluzzard shows "Wickedness and Taunts".
  • They molt their feathers once every 23 years. They roost on top of tall rocks to bask in the sun during this.
  • Their feathers never change color, and are only one color, red and grey.
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