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Blukic & Driba
Blukic & Driba.png
Blukic (left) with Driba (right)
General Information
Species Galvans
Home World Galvan Prime
Residence Earth
Occupations Plumbers
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence(?)
First Appearance Ben 10: Reboot Revolution
Chapter 4

Blukic and Driba are a pair of Galvan scientists working for the Plumbers in Ben 10: Reboot Revolution. They first appeared in Chapter 4. They are from the planet Galvan Prime in Earth-1010.


Blukic is fairly tall by Galvan standards. He has tanned skin and blue-grey wears overalls.

Driba is short and squat, and wears a full set of standard-issue Plumber armour.


Blukic and Driba get along well with each other, most of the time. They often bicker with each other over non-issues and sometimes argue about which of the pair is better, though usually because one or both of them has forgotten which of the two did the above-average thing that led to the argument in the first place.

They both idolise First Thinker Azmuth, as most Galvan do.

Powers and Abilities

Being Galvan, Blukic and Driba should possess a high level on intelligence. Although they certainly claim to, whether they actually do or not is heavily doubted and with good reason.


As far as Galvan go, Blukic and Driba are mentally handicapped. Forgetful and egotistical, the pair often fumble over each other or themselves. They are not very smart, and would be easily surpassed in intelligence by Ben were he to use any intelligence-enhancing alien form.


Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

The pair first appeared in Chapter 4, where they revealed to the Prime Dimension cast that they had been building a Dimension Hopper since they first encountered the one powering the 23rd Bellwood Mr Smoothie location. However, without the original they were unable to realise why their's would not function. Azmuth soon figured out how to fix the device with help from Upgrade, sending Ben Delta hurtling back into the Delta Dimension.

Ben 10: Road Trip

They both briefly appeared in Burning Bridges, configuring SD-1 with little success.


Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

Ben 10: Road Trip

Ben 10: Reboot Revolution
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