Blukic is a Galvan from the planet Galvan Mark II in Ben 10: The New Omniverse. He is partners with Driba.


Blukic is thinner and taller than an average Galvan and wears overalls with a Plumber belt. He is slightly crosseyed, and he is sometimes seen wearing a pair of safety goggles. He also wears a cap.


His mannerisms are somewhat reminiscent of a country bumpkin. One quirk about his personality is the fact that he always contradicts whatever Driba says. Blukic shares with his associate a slightly arrogant overconfidence in his Galvan intellect, which occasionally causes him and Driba to disregard the opinions of others. He has developed a taste for Mr. Smoothy, though his favorite flavor is 'metallic.'

and Abilities

Blukic has all the physical advantages and disadvantages of a normal Galvan. Being small allows Blukic to go inside machinery and into places that larger beings cannot. However, this does not make him suitable for combat and therefore, he must out-think his opponents in order to win.

Blukic is not intelligent by Galvan standards; however, he and Driba were able to repair the Omnitrix in Outbreak, and they were also able to repair the Anihilaarg.

Blukic is capable of doing complicated tasks, but has problems with deciphering a map.

Blukic has demonstrated impressive on-the-fly improvisation when the situation demands it. Some examples include rewiring Trumbipulor's robots to attack each other, using a simple button cell battery to create a device to fool a high-tech surveillance system, and using brute force with a wrench to bypass a computer's security codes.

Like all Galvans, Blukic is an insectivore and has a taste for Grasshopper-flavored Smoothies and Dr. Animo's Technobugs. Apparently, he will eat metal-coated insects, as his favorite flavor is "metallic."

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