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Blorb is Ian's Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from the Jungle Moon.


Blorb is essentially a turquoise blob with arms. He has light yellow claws at the end of his arms, a light yellow beak, and the Omnitrix symbol is on his forehead. He is approximately 14 feet tall.


Blorb is kind of animalistic in terms of personality. However, he still cares about people and things.


  • Limited Shapeshifting: Blorb has very limited shapeshifing capabilities. He can morph into a lot of shapes, but the surface area of his skin remains constant and intact.
  • Speed Rolling: By morphing into a wheel shape and rolling, Blorb can move at high speeds
  • Flight: By morphing into a suction cup shape and moving like a jellyfish, Blorb can fly.
  • Squeezing into Smaller Spaces


Some spaces are too small for Blorb to squeeze into. Blorb's hands are also practically useless.


Blorb is a portmanteau of "birb" (which is a corruption of "bird") and "blob"


  • Blorb's species is from the show Steven Universe