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Bloodwork is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Sanguismata from the "living planet" Metredsey.


Bloodwork has the appearance of a slightly humanoid blood cell. He stands at just 1 meter tall, but by absorbing blood he can get bigger. Despite being a living organism, he doesn't have any features to see or speak as he is just a cell, so because of this the Omnitrix gave him a green and white mask with a black visor and a speaker on the bottom, which is connected by tubes to his back, to fix it in place. He has organelles floating through his body and small antennae that would serve to feel the environment around him.

Powers and Abilities

Bloodwork is able to manipulate blood, being able to shoot it from his body as a beam or as shots, which he can use to target his enemy and then control him by infecting their blood. He can also remove the blood from living creatures and add it to his own body, but Ben doesn't use this ability as it is too dangerous.


Being a single-celled organism, he cannot be teleported, as his body would be destroyed. He is also weak to fire and electricity, as it can also destroy his body.




  • Bloodwork was inspired by a prototype made by Tom Perkins for Gluto.
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