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Omniverse Award Winner!

Bloodmarsh won Best Fanon Nemetrix Alien at 2020's Omniverse Awards!

General Information
Species E'erGladine Hydra
Home World Methanos
Body Two-Headed Reptile
Prey Swampfire
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Regenerative Cranium Addition
Blood Generation
Sharp Claws
Enhanced Swimming

Bloodmarsh is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a E'erGladine Hydra from the planet Methanos and the predatory species of Methanosians.


Bloodmarsh is a 20-foot tall reptilian alien with two snake-like heads with red eyes and long tongues. It has swamp green skin on its back and light olive green skin on its underbelly and the underside of its heads. It has two arms with three white claws each and two legs with two white claws each, as well as a tail.

The Nemetrix symbol is on a red belt on its waist.

Transformation Sequence

Powers and Abilities

Bloodmarsh can not only survive decapitation and regenerate one or both its heads, it can also grow a whole new head along with it.

Bloodmarsh can spray a type of liquid chemical from its mouths that could kill a Methanosian, which is actually its highly pressurized blood that also acts as a fire suppressant.

If one or more of Bloodmarsh's heads is/are cut off, the resulting blood fountain(s) will eat away at any Methanosian in close proximity.

Bloodmarsh's claws are sharp enough to tear through metal.

Bloodmarsh can swim underwater effortlessly and with control, efficiency, precision, traction and balance at any speed.


Over-generating its blood would result in dehydration.




Bloodmarsh's name is a portmanteau of the words "blood", in reference to its ability to spray blood from its mouths, and "marsh" which is a synonym of "swamp".


  • This predator was adapted from the fifth Nemetrix predator concept design created by Tom Perkins in a collaboration between Ulti and Ultra.