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Bloodlush is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cryoplattian from the planet Flowtrasia.


Bloodlush has a similar color scheme to a plant. He has a green skin tone. He has three spikes on top of his head and two yellow eyes. He has huge jaws and four sharp teeth on each part of his face, which are slightly blue, due to his icy teeth. He wears a yellow uniform with black stripes. His hands have edged blades coming from his elbows, and four claw-like fingers, as well as black gloves. He has four tendrils, and blue fruit bombs on his back.

Bloodlush wears the Omnitrix symbol on his forehead.


Bloodlush's voice is dual and medium toned. He also seems to have a bit of anger behind his voice.


Bloodlush is very angry all the time, letting almost anything, no matter how small, anger him.

According to one of Jay's concept comics, Bloodlush had to resist attempting to kill Albedo when he was tricked. Despite the comic being non-canon, Jay has confirmed that Bloodlush's personality is canon.

Bloodlush is one to charge into battle without thinking, being brawns over brains. Because of this, he is generally defeated easily.

Bloodlush can get angry at inanimate objects and start yelling at them, distracting him.

Bloodlush starts his sentences by yelling "LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!". He also tends to refer to people by their full name or title, or even species to an extent.

Bloodlush also tends to name his attacks.

Bloodlush can also speak fluent Spanish. The reason for this is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Thanks to his rage, Bloodlush always charges into battle. There are very few things Bloodlush fears and he never gives up, giving him a psychological edge in combat.

Bloodlush can control plant life, being able to summon plants from the ground by just raising his arms up and make them grow, including being able to summon kelp underwater and the plants that grow on specific planets. He can also shoot a beam made of flower pollen, a potent substance which can distract opponents by making them sneeze.

Bloodlush can also shoot powerful ice beams from his palms at opponents, which are extremely cold and can be used to create a slippery environment, freeze opponents, stop fires and freeze water.

Bloodlush can grab and throw the three explosive fruit pods on his back, which can generate substances, lethal and non-lethal. They can be used as smoke bombs or to generate or summon vines.

Bloodlush can use his sharp arm blades and claws to cut through objects. He can do so with his teeth, which are strong enough to allow him to ingest and chew through car parts.

Bloodlush can freeze opponents and other objects by just touching them with his hands, tendrils or teeth. The ability is completely voluntary and is only activated by preference.

Bloodlush is quite strong due to his powerful tendrils and body, as he can lift a truck and throw it about fifty yards forward.

Bloodlush's plant-like body gives him immense durability, as he can withstand being thrown into an active volcano with some pain as a result. He can also regenerate lost limbs or body parts, and heal from wounds.

Using his tendrils, Bloodlush can dig very quickly into the ground by continuously stabbing it, acting like a drill, coining this ability "Tendril Drilling".

Bloodlush can jump onto an enemy and then continuously kick him with his sharp tendrils, dubbed "Consecutive Spiky Kicks".

Due to a bond between their species, Bloodlush can switch into Seedstrike and vice versa without using the Omnitrix.


Due to being extremely angry all the time, Bloodlush always attacks, leaving his body vulnerable.

Bloodlush has to resist a form of bloodlust.

Due to being a primarily ice alien, Bloodlush is vulnerable to very hot temperatures.


Bloodlush comes from lush, meaning thriving, referencing his plant powers, and bloodlust.


  • Bloodlush and Seedstrike were supposed to be one alien.
  • Consecutive Spiky Kicks and Tendril Drilling were both coined by Echoson.
  • An ideal voice actor for Bloodlush would be John DiMaggio.
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