• ChromastoneandTabby

    The Tech Cross Character Previews are snippets from episodes of the upcoming series Tech Cross that show a glimpse into a given character's personality. The character showcased here is Teresa Challice, the main protagonist of the series.

    Note that these scenes are not final, and may change in some ways by the episode's official release.

    Skyjack flopped down on the roof of a building, reverting back to Teresa in a teal flash. She took a deep breath and smiled, staring up at the clouds.

    "You know the point of this is to be on patrol, right?" The CrossTrix grumbled. "Why do you keep screwing around?"

    "I'm not 'screwing around', I'm helping people!" Teresa replied cheerfully. "You know how long cleaning up that park without alien superpowers would've ta…

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  • ToookaoA11p

    My name is ToookaoA11p,not my real name,duh!

    I'am a fan of Ben 10,Danganronpa,Fairy Tail,Gravity Falls.TMNT ,Youkai Watch and Teen Titans.

    I'am an writer on the internet for Wattpad, and Ben 10 Fanfiction Wikia.

    I tried different project approach,I made crossovers,series,original stories,I'd like to make an original Ben 10 Fanfiction Project.

    It will be a continuation or an original story with new characters.

    It will be called Kate-10 with a new OC character Kate who was a normal girl until he found a strange device who gace her the power to turn into 10 different aliens!The Startrix!

    Now she fights evil with her 10 different forms! She is a teen with attitude!

    It started when an alien device did what it did and didn't even stopped …

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  • ProjectCarthage

    -Miguzi Announcer Voice by EBOmnitrix-

    "On the next exciting episode of Ben 10: ExOS, Cooper's creating a training simulator..."

    COOPER: If I place this on the wall of a room, say, an empty shed, the inside of it will become a holographic training room.

    "...but something's gone wrong!"

    BEN: We're inside the Omnitrix, and so is the creepy-crawly that caused the glitch.

    "Will they be able to escape? or will this glitch trap them forever?"

    COOPER: Guys, relax, I already ran a couple of test runs on this thing. You should be ready to go. Besides, what
    could possibly go wrong?

    BEN: Everything, now that you've just said that phrase.

    "Find out on the next episode of Ben 10!"

    BEN: Alright, here goes nothing!

    "Premieres Friday, October 18th, on anywhere you can re…

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  • Ebomnitrix

    Scene 1: [We cut to the group riding their motorcycles down the road at quick speed.]


    Scene 2: [Ben smacks down on the badge on his chest.]


    [An Omni-Spliced Four Arms smacked Tattooed Man and sent him flying backwards.]


    [Thumbskull tripped over one of Diamondhead's pillar as it sent him flying towards the ground.]


    Scene 1: [Terence raised his out his palm and unleashed a bright white light to blind the dealers.]


    Scene 2: [Alice raised her energy sword and sliced the flesh zombies in half.]


    Scene 3: [We cut to Wildmutt while he was roaring out of the transformation.]

    Wildmutt: RUWAAA!


    CANNONBOLT: I see where this is going now!

    [Cannonbolt rockets up the ramp and launches hard and fast…

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  • SpookyLaundry

    [The scene is of a bedroom with someone under the covers with an alarm ringing in the background. The body gets up and rushes around.]


    Dalton: “Oh no, I can’t believe I’m late!”


    [A crashed pod is shown as Dalton walks towards it. A watches latches to his left wrist and glows.]


    Dalton: (screams) “What is this? Get off of me!”


    [The watch pops up and Dalton looks confused as he starts messing with it.]


    Dalton: “Let’s see what this puppy can do.”


    [The scene changes to show a big round alien form.]


    Cannonbolt: “What am I?”


    [Cannonbolt falls over and rolls up and away as the scene changes into a city street with a plant creature. The Plant creature has two robbers wrapped up and hanging from a streetlight.]


    Swampfire: “Just hang tight until the …

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  • ChromastoneandTabby

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  • ChromastoneandTabby

    What's this?

    A contest with more than one entry so I can actually judge?

    Hell yeah boi

    The theme of this contest was "Dichotomy", so let's see how our entrants did in bringing that theme to life!

    Off-the-grounder's Entry

    This piece depicts characters from Off-the-grounder's own Derwin 13 and Aaron's Ben 10: Genocide Run on opposite sides of the canvas with the lines for an Omnitrix symbol behind them. For context, Derwin 13 and Ben 10: Genocide Run take elements from Undertale's Mercy and Genocide routes respectively, so the dichotomy here is the contrast between those two approaches.

    The art itself is alright but is brought down by wonky lineart and patchy coloring. The blank background makes it feel a bit bland, though I understand that fillin…

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  • ChromastoneandTabby

    lemme get some uhhhhhhhhhhh 𝕞𝕦𝕝𝕥𝕚𝕡𝕝𝕖 𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕤

    sorry sir multiple entries machine 🅱🆁🅾🅺🅴

    unacceptable have a ,-*'^'~*-.,_,.-*~   🎀  𝓉𝑒𝓇𝓇𝒾𝒷𝓁𝑒 𝒹𝒶𝓎  🎀   ~*-.,_,.-*~'^'*-,

    In case you couldn't tell, Off-the-grounder wins by default.

    Off-the-grounder's Entry

    Stephanie is a character in Pokémon Sky. She is a Steenee from The Off-the-ground.

    Stephanie is a Steenee in a wheelchair.

    She is very cheerful.

    She was born with paralyzed legs and lived in Sōgen. Once the barrier on the Off-the-ground was broken, she met Koumoriand they started dating.


    They are very affectionate. Koumori works as Stephanie’s legs, and Stephanie is Koumori‘s eyes.

    • A Pokémon character was made to fit the theme, as she would be an outcast on the Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki.

    To be honest,…

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  • PurpleIsMyFavoriteColor

    I absolutely forgot to post my Fanon Con blog on time last night. I was purposefully leaving it to the last minute so there were no spoilers but to hell with it, let's get it going.

    So, I have some art prepared. However, the way I want to dole it out is a little bit different. For each milestone for the next @BackinActionAU Twitter account, I'll drop some artwork. This is also a good place to follow developments on the show going forward. The first milestone artwork will be of Brawnoceros when the account hits 10 followers!

    Early last month, Foreverlasting was finally completed. Next Friday, October 4th, join back into Back in Action with a new episode featuring Ben and the new age of Forever Knights, Eli and Aion. Can't Trust the Weather, M…

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  • UltiVerse

    Welcome to the second day of Fall Fanon Con 2019! I'm your host for the Alien Creation Contest, for which we have three contestants; WTB, Aaron and Boaring. Gotta admit, this was much harder for me to judge than I expected, but I had a great time reading the entries nonetheless.

    Boaring's Entry
    Voidwalker is a DNA sample of an unknown entity that inhabits the Null Void.

    Day 1: 19:38 Well, today's the day. The day my research shall pay off. With a bit of help and some favors, I've managed to get a ship, supplies, and a competent team to help me uncover the secrets of this strange pocket dimension called the "Null Void".

    Day 2: 12:03 We've stepped through the portal now. We have our own Null Void projector in the ship as an escape route. This pla…

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