• Ebomnitrix

    [Two figures stepped on stage, revealing to be Bass and Treble.]


    [Bass and Treble hollered at the audience.]

    Bass & Treble: WAIT FOR IT!

    [They moved to the side as a familiar villain prepared his entrance. The cloud of smoke disappeared as Lord Decibel walked on stage with his DJ equipment appearing before the audience. Lord Decibel’s visor formed two pink eyes as they gave off a menacing look.]


    [Lord Decibel aimed his boombox directly at Ethan on stage.]

    Lord Decibel: Prepare to die!


    [We cut to the audience with Terence annoyed at the interruption.]

    Terence: You got to be kidding me.


    [We cut back on stage as Ethan had transformed into a new alien.]

    Swampfire: SWAMPFIRE!!!

    [Swampfire unleashed a fire blast f…

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  • UltiVerse

    Welcome to the voting blog for May 2020's Alien Fest! If you don't know how it works, please read this page. Happy voting, and remember that the voting period ends on May 11, at which point the fest will run until May 25.

    • Wildmutt
    • Grey Matter
    • Four Arms
    • Stinkfly
    • Ripjaws
    • Wildvine
    • Blitzwolfer
    • Frankenstrike
    • Upchuck
    • Swampfire
    • Humungousaur
    • Jetray
    • Spidermonkey
    • Alien X
    • Nanomech
    • Water Hazard
    • AmpFibian
    • Armodrillo
    • Terraspin
    • NRG
    • Shocksquatch
    • Eatle
    • Juryrigg
    • Feedback
    • Bloxx
    • Gravattack
    • Crashhopper
    • Arctiguana
    • Ball Weevil
    • Walkatrout
    • Pesky Dust
    • Mole-Stache
    • The Worst
    • Kickin Hawk
    • Toepick
    • Astrodactyl
    • Bullfrag
    • Buzzshock
    • Atomix
    • Whampire
    • Spitter
    • Gax
    • Slapback
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  • Official Loren

    So, since other people have done it, I'm creating my own transformation requests! You can request a transformation and I'll create it!

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  • Reo 54

    No More Content From Me

    April 14, 2020 by Reo 54

    Hello everyone! Been a while since I wrote one of these...

    You might have noticed that for like over a month I've been quite active on the wiki. It's nice being back, but it has come with the same problems I was dealing with on here as before. This quarantine certainly hast helped.

    I'll be honest with you all and tell you that I've been dealing with a few addictions - mainly alcohol and cigarettes (Don't worry, I'm of legal age to purchase and consume such products). I've been actively fighting it since September. While I've managed to keep my smoking addiction under control and reduced it to a couple of cigarettes once (as in like 3 cigarettes in one night and that's it) in three months, my drinking problem hasn't been doing as good. You mi…

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  • UltiVerse
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  • Ebomnitrix



    [SPIDERMONKEY TRANSFORMATION: We zoom into Ethan's eye, then zoom out as his eyes split into an additional pair.]

    [Spidermonkey raised his arms and struck a pose, as he screamed out a monkey grunt.]


    [We cut to Fistrick and Rojo in the middle of an abandon highway as they revved their bikes up across from each other. Fistrick took off and Rojo took notice of this.]

    Rojo: Haha! Chicken!

    [Rojo drove toward Fistrick's direction.]


    [As the group screamed, a new alien created a barrier to block Rojo's machine.]


    [Inside the S.A.C.T. a group of villains went charging toward Ethan.]

    Ethan: C'mon! Give m…

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  • ChromastoneandTabby

    I might have remembered to do this earlier if there was actually anything to do.

    Aaron's Entry

    Aaron's entry is an edit of the wiki with a simple Ben drawing showcasing some of Aaron's personal issues with his time spent here. We already kinda went over this together so I don't have much to say about it here rip.

    Congratulations to Aaron for winning, and no thanks to everyone else for participating! That's it for the fourth day of Spring Fanon Con, folks! Make sure to tune in tomorrow for when we post the Main Blog! Have a great day, and I hope you enjoy the rest of Fanon Con!

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  • Aaronbill3

    Hey wow a fanon con contest where everyone submitted on time!

    ...April Fools!

    Today's theme for our character creation contest is "May Flowers". Let's see how our contestants took that theme.

    Beast's Entry
    Amaryllis "Feelgood" Peters is a character created for the Spring Fanon Con!

    (Editors Note: Sorry if it's not coded or tagged correctly, WiFi's out in my home and I'm typing this in my car in front of a Starbucks 40 minutes before work, so your boy's doing his best; I'll edit it when I both have time and Internet again.)

    Amaryllis Peters is an African American woman with yellow eyes, curly black hair, and dark, full lips. She has freckles along her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose and is never seen without a smile. 

    She wears a large yello…

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  • Evfnye.misx70

    Today, April 2020 started, along with a new level of mass extinction on planet Earth. Maybe it is all due to a predator? I know who is making all this trouble.

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  • ChromastoneandTabby

    Welcome, one and all, to the second day of the Ultimate Fanon Con! I'm your host, CaT, bringing you the results for the Alien Design Contest! Let's see how our contestants did!

    Primal's Entry
    Luxeps was the sole species of the planet Pericortex.

    Luxeps used to wear tall, white containment suits resembling a linemen suit. They had long arms and legs with a stripe running down them, connecting to a collar. They had an unremovable helmet, with a visor displaying waves resembling electrical waves to display emotion. They had two cables on their back that connect to generators on the chest, resembling electrical wires. These cables were able to detach from the generators to direct stored electricity. They had a sunken disk on the center of their c…

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