• Ebomnitrix

    IN 2 DAYS...

    [A spiritual arrow went flying towards Ethan. Ethan dodged by jumping in time before the arrow exploded at the ground.]


    [Ghoulseye and Hex went charging at each other preparing to collide their attacks at each other.]


    [Hex grabbed onto the Omnitrix symbol and red aura and electricity surrounded both Ethan and Hex.]


    Hex: The entire world will be at my mercy!


    Ethan: [The core pops up] There's still one alien you haven't met yet! [Slams down]





    Vocals Provided By:

    • Announcer, Ethan - EBOmnitrix
    • Hex - Robin Atkin Downes (Used Audio from Show Don't …

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  • ChromastoneandTabby

    Ben 10: Milky Way Race is dead in case it wasn't apparent by now, so I figured I might as well throw out the plans I had for it. A lot of this is just copy-pasted from my private wiki, so excuse the odd formatting.

    The mystery behind the race is that it was set up by Ehi, controlling Ben's body intermittently and using the Omnitrix to assassinate and replace various authority figures in the Plumbers, preventing them from interfering in the race. His goal was to lure the race's contestants (some of the most influential beings on the universe's timeline) and viewers within range of Temporus (which he brought back as a temporal phantom using Clockwork), using their temporal energy to fully restore the planet, erasing everyone else present in t…

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  • ChromastoneandTabby

    I had to go and make a bunch of posters for the video version of the Star Spirit Alien Music Medley, and in the video, said posters are a bit obscured by the video effects, so I'm uploading them here for viewing in their original form.

    Specific things to note: All Star Cosmic's background is a photo from NASA, and Season's background is a photo of the apricot tree in our backyard.

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  • Ebomnitrix


    [We cleared out of the transformation background as Four Arms struck a pose, standing beside an armored Alice, an armored Terence, an armored Hannibal, an armored Nikki and Lieutenant Steel.]


    [Hex stood in shock as an injured Ethan attempted to stand back up.]


    [Ghoulseye and Hex went charging at each other preparing to collide their attacks at each other.]

    ...TO THIS ONE...

    [Hannibal, Terence and Nikki gasped at the page in Hex's book.]


    [Hex grabbed onto the Omnitrix symbol and red aura and electricity surrounded both Ethan and Hex.]


    [Everything faded to black and we cut to the next scene.]

    Ethan: [The core pops up] There's still one alien you hav…

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  • Brandon 10

    Brandon 10 Week 2019

    April 10, 2019 by Brandon 10

    Ello everyone! It's about that time again for another Brandon 10 Week!

    I actually just looked back at all my recent blog posts and noticed they've been these sort of event announcements. Should probably blog more, I suppose. Anyways, we're not here to talk about that. We're here to talk about the anniversary of Brandon 10, in both meanings of the word.

    In case you're not aware of this little tradition of mines, when I created my series, I did so with the intention of making a main page out of it and then working from there. However, I started posting episodes the day I started on the wiki- which would be April 9th- and didn't actually make a series page for the Original Series until about a week later on the 15th. So to celebrate the anniversa…

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  • XxXWitheredToyBonniexXx

    Ezekiel Elix: Power in Courage is a fan-made BTFF series created by XxXWTBxXx (or simply abbreviated to WTB) that began very early production in early November 2018, fully completed its first episode in mid-January 2019, and was uploaded to the BTFF wiki in late March 2019.

    EEPiC follows Ezekiel E. (Eden) Elix, a homeless man in the Nevada city of New Axolo as he discovers an alien creature attempting to claim a strange foreign device that has fallen out of the sky and crashed into the desert. Attempting to confront the strange pitch-black alien, it flees and leaves Ezekiel with the device, revealing to be a mechanical container possessing the "Double Helix", an Omnitrix-like device with exposed tubing and a color palette of both red and bl…

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  • Aaronbill3
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  • ChromastoneandTabby

    This isn't a bad alien, but it's very underdeveloped. The lore behind its evolution doesn't actually explain why gorillas became cyan and got Ant-Man powers, and there's really just not much to it overall.

    This entry, on the other hand, has a lot to it, which I have to commend WTB for; that being said, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the theme. It seems more like a virus alien than anything beast-related. Really good alien, but it loses points in the contest for not being particularly relevant to said contest.

    A pretty solid alien whose manticore design firmly relates it to the contest's 'Beast' theme. Good job on this one.

    Congrats to Boaring for winning, and thanks to everyone who participated! See you around.

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  • Ebomnitrix

    Hex (Thoughts): This boy is more powerful than I originally thought. It seems I underestimated him. Before I bested him so easily. I believed this would have been easier, so I held back. But even so, he’s succeeded my expectations. What is it about this boy?

    [As Hex spoke, he remembered Ethan using Four Arms to defeat his Rock Monsters, he then remembered AmpFibian being thrown back by Hex. We cut to Hex remembering Ghoulseye unleashing his "Slimy Sinister Arrow Blitz" attack at him until it created an explosion. We cut to Hex inside his lair as he took deep breaths.]

    Hex: That watch is far more powerful than I’ve ever anticipated. No… that…

    [We zoomed into Hex’s lips as he began to say…]

    Hex: Omnitrix…


    Ethan: What can I say, just another win …

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  • PurpleIsMyFavoriteColor

    Trying something new - Progress Reports on upcoming content.

    Happy Easter! Two straight days off for the first time in awhile, and I've got a new strategy to staying on task that's helped me well so far. Two things to reward the wait:

    First, here's a piece of the Foreverlasting rewrite:

    At the end of the hall, the mystic manifests, saluting to him. Frisbit launches his disc at him, only for the knight to catch it with one hand and snap it with two. Sparks fly again. But this time, with the disc destroyed, Frisbit exclaims in agony. He drops to the floor, a human again.
    Downed, he glances around. Clutching his chest, like his heart was broken again, he crawls a bit down the velvet rugs with their well-kempt, like-new golden fringes. The …

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