• ChromastoneandTabby

    Well, everybody, 2016 is just about over. While we all breathe a (possibly premature) sigh of relief, let's take a moment to look back at what we accomplished over the rather unfittingly-dubbed Year of Unity.

    1. Ahmad stepped down as his post from admin, with Mig being promoted in his place.
    2. Chatmods were phased out, as they no longer really did anything.
    3. Sci stepped down as crat, leaving the wiki without a crat for a while. Eventually, the admin team decided there was no reason to only have one crat, and everyone on the team was promoted to crat.
    4. Toon was demoted from his admin position, with CaT being promoted in his place.
    5. The admin team cracked down on the rules, revising the wiki's policies and putting more of a focus on enforcing them.
    6. A coup…

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  • ChromastoneandTabby

    Well guys, it's finally here. With 2016 beginning to draw to a close, it's time to remember that, oh yeah, this wiki has been around for seven years! We've certainly faced a lot of ups and downs and had a lot of changes over the years, but I think 2016 has been undoubtedly our wildest yet. So, without further ado, here's the special Seventh Anniversary Blog, brought to you by the Year of Unity!

    Speaking of the Year of Unity, I'd like to talk about that for a few moments. Many have claimed that the Year of Unity is the weakest "Year of" theme yet, and I'm inclined to agree. We haven't really been able to do much for the year because it's such a vague concept. Our community has faced so much drama and strangeness over the year that calling it…

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  • Sci100

    I'm baaaack.

    What? I should kill you all now and escape this place? (looks around) Sorry.... the voices. (gets looks from everyone) I'm kidding! .... that's not what they really said. 

    Anyway, here I am. I'm alive and well. I made it through midterms. Yay for me. Okay enough madness. 

    There we go. A good old regular TLDR Sci100 blog. Hold on! This is a reactionary blog. Basically, I'm responding to a bunch of different blogs and threads all at once without filling up wiki activity. It's worth reading, trust me. Anyway, let's get started. 

    • Stepping Down:  Ahmad, I’m really sorry to hear this. I don’t blame you for wanting to focus on your grades, and I had hoped you could continue to be here as an admin. Maybe now just wasn’t the right time for …
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  • Sci100

    Hey guys. I am not officially back but because I didn't get the chance to do it eariler, I need to do this now so you know the plan, and we can get things moving. I will completely return on June 12th, but until then, please just know that I am still officially "inactive", this is just an overdue reminder. Also, this isn't a true Year of Community blog (which I know has been lacking), but I'm going to release another one once summer kicks off, so not to worry. 

    So as you guys know, Fanon Con has been long overdue for some updates, and now, I am here to present to you a new version of Fanon Con, that for the first time ever, will extend to an ENTIRE WEEK! What will happen during this week? Well find out below. 

    So I have a new schedule of eve…

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  • Sci100

    2015 - A Year of Community

    December 29, 2014 by Sci100

    Attention: Sci100 is now ruler of Ben 10 Fan Fiction and your dictator. You will do as he says or be blocked. Hail Scidra. 

    accounts, which when cut down via multiple socks goes to 56. Now like the one above, I'm listening either the only or primary reason for blocking. Many users were blocked for multiple reasons (ex: a user who trolled also socked, but is listed under trolling, etc.)
    • 16 blocks were for sock puppet accounts. 
    • 9 blocks were for being underage and violation of COPPA
    • 6 blocks were given for profanity
    • 6 blocks were given for moving to a new account (the only okay reason for a block)
    • 6 blocks were given for vandalism/removing content or categories/inserting your own information
    • 5 blocks were given for spamming
    • 5 blocks were given for …
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  • Paperluigi ttyd

    I feel like this is an issue that always causes a lot of controversy: profanity. I have two specific issues this time:

    1. Should censoring of words be allowed?
    2. Should the rules that apply to the chat be the same as the rule that apply to the wiki?

    Please address both issues, if possible.

    Personally, I think that censoring should be allowed, and that we should only have one set of rules for the wiki and chat, instead of two sets of rules, one for the wiki and one for chat.

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  • Sci100

    As you know, I released an important blog about a year ago ago concerning 2014, which I have dubbed "The Year of Change". This blog is to explain the changes that have happened and will happen, to reflect on what has been accomplished, and to prepare for our future as a wiki.

    1. Community Guidelines, the Blog Policy, the Chat Policy, and the Upload Policy were updated.
    2. The Ultimate Guide to a New User was created.
    3. Featured Picture was officially closed down
    4. Featured Character was voted as the replacement for Featured Picture
    5. Page Creation Portal got admin support again.
    6. Visual Editor was tested for one week
    7. Template:Universe was expanded from the Main 52 to the Main 100.
    8. Category:Candidates for Deletion was emptied.
    9. Voting For Featured Character began on…

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  • Sci100

    The following was copied and pasted from here. 

    For the past few months we've been working hard on a new way to present image galleries, and we're now ready to give everyone a first look! Today, the new image galleries are available to enable in the Labs section of WikiFeatures.

    Our goals for this updated design are to:

    • Increase reader engagement with images and image galleries. We believe that engagement can be improved via standardization of gallery presentation, making them easy to browse.
    • Increase average page views per visit. The current style of image galleries are not constrained by their height, allowing them to take up infinite vertical space on the page and limiting a user's ability to find content below the image gallery. By standar…

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  • Sci100

    Hey Everybody! Yes, its another of these blogs about space-time. But its about Ben 10 stuff so yay!

    Anyway, ATTWN and ATTWB had some major things happen to the Multiverse. Plus, the uses of Multiverse and Dimensions made it hard to understand. In one case, it seems like Ben 23 is in a different universe, but in another case it seems like an alternate dimension. During the release of these two episodes, there was a debate about the Omniverse and other things as well. This is a response to both the two Omniverse episodes and the discussion of the Omniverse. 

    What is the Omniverse?

    • The Omniverse is the sum of everything in existence. It is constantly expanding and is unable to be destroyed. A "has always existed and will always exist" logic shoul…
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  • Sci100

    My Future on BTFF (for now)

    August 25, 2014 by Sci100

    Hi guys. I'm still here! Don't forget about me! 

    I've said Hi, checked out the wiki a bit, but unforunately, I won't be really active for long! So I've come to set some affairs in order before Fall begins. 

    With the certain classes I have chosen for my education (I've told people about all the work I had to do this summer), I will be doing more hard work, as I also begin looking for possible post-secondary universities and colleges (this won't be a big focus though, its not like I'm doing applications this year or next year). After discussing with my parents, we've agreed that I need to try and be more involved in after-school activities, so I hope I can find some time to get some clubs in. I also have to take into consideration my family's …

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