Blocked is Ken's least favorite alien. He resembles a 3-D cube and a 3-D rectangular prism.



  • Can control cube/rectangular figures
  • Can bring cube/rectangular figures to life
  • Superhuman strength
  • Can telepathically speak with cubes/rectangular figures


  • Cannot talk
  • He has no fingers and can't pick some things up
  • People mistakenly thinks he is floating boxes

Species and Planet

Species: Prismian

A prisimian is a box-like alien that come come in many colors and sizes. Blocked is a combination of every type of Prisimian (DNA used from 6 different Prisimians).

Planet: Prisimia

Prisimians live on a planet called Prisimia. Prismia is a unique cube-shaped planet. Everything on the surface is either a cube or rectangular.


Ben 10: Multi Trixes

He is in the original ten Season 3 aliens in Ben 10: Multi Trixes.

Finn 10: Fusion

It is one of the aliens used in Out of the Old, Into the New. It was used in the fusion Cuboy.

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