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TIME TO SMASH!!!! Emphasis on SMASH!!!

–Blockbuster (Ben)

General Information
Species Metaguerriero
Home World Metagoold
Body Muscular
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super strength
Energy Orbs
First Appearance N/A

Blockbuster is the DNA sample of a Metaguerriero from the planet Metagoold.

Physical Appearance[]

Blockbuster is a a large, grotesque, light tanish colored alien. with a daunting demeanor. Between his skin, he has green energy tube that act as his veins. His eyes glow bright green. Blockbuster wears the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities[]

Blockbuster has remarkable strength, being able to left an entire building with little to no struggle. His energy tubes give him the powers to produces orange energy orbs, that are highly dangerous, with the ability to destroy most solid and organic objects on contact. His eyes are cover in a special material, that lets him see from incredible distances.


His name is a combination of the word, Meta, and the Italian word water, "guerriero".