BlocStar hails from the planet Blocktopia. He is originated from the nearly extinct Blocktopians who were all eradicated in a mass genocide that happened three thousand years prior to the events of the original Ben 10. He came to become part of the Omnitrix when Azmuth discovered an old Blocktopian frozen in a form of space amber sap that had kept his DNA accessible for future generations.


Has the ability to summon vast quantities of blocks to his disposale. He can only communicate in the word "block" so he requires a translator. Luckily he comes with a translator robot that can translate things for him. However, it does fall out of comission often during the battle. He can also transform himself into a block that is indestructible, but has a refractionary period following his original transformation. 


He is comprised of multiple block parts of various colors. He has a bright green afro and orange night vision eyes. He also has this purple aura around him that allows for him to appear mysterious.

BlocStar (2018)

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