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BBDB Blitzkrieg.png
General Information
Species Fulmini
Home World Fulmas
Body Energy-Based Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Body Alteration
Weapon Manifestation
Energy Redirection
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Force Field Generation
Wormhole Generation
Voice Actor David Kaye

Blitzkrieg is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Fulmini from the planet Fulmas set to appear in Bryce Bowman: Devil's Bounty.


Blitzkrieg's body appears to mainly consist of blue energy.

There are four retractable spikes protruding from both of his shoulders.

His arms are rather large, stretching down nearly to his feet in resting position.

His arms, chest, and legs are rock-like. His eyes are blue-grey and a moss-like substance can be seen around his neck and shoulders.

Blitzkrieg wears the Omnitrix on his chest.

Transformation Sequence

The Omnitrix sparks with blue energy, which then reaches out and pulls a small, black rock onto it from seemingly nowhere. This happens again and again, each time becoming exponentially faster. Bryce spins around, hie whole body being bombarded with black rocks, guided by arcs of blue energy until he's completely hidden in a ball of black rock. The ball explodes; blue energy taking shape of a tall humanoid and only retaining a few pieces of the rocks, on his arms, legs and chest. Blitzkrieg claps his hands together, then slowly pulls them apart, dragging arcing blue energy between them.



Powers and Abilities

Blitzkrieg has the ability to release strong, blue energy charges from any part of his body, which he can use to construct various weapons and tools such as a boomerang or a shield.

Blitzkrieg is able to absorb external sources of energy.

Blitzkrieg can power up and enhance machines with the use of his energy.

Blitzkrieg has incredibly durable stone armor and possesses a great deal of physical strength, although it is not his defining attribute.

Fulmini are capable of creating wormholes, but this is not something Bryce knows about.


Blitzkrieg can inadvertently give his enemies an energy boost if the machine he is charging up is a trap for his power to siphon through.

Blitzkrieg is vulnerable to being controlled by a superior member of his species.

Blitzkrieg's constructs can unintentionally burn humans who come in contact with them.

Blitzkrieg is hindered by his size- only mildly- and his weight from the stone armor curbs his agility. He can still run, jump, roll, or leap to avoid attack, but it's not something he will do often.





  • Blitzkrieg is the first Ben 10 Reboot alien to appear in the Bryce Bowman Franchise
  • There are quite a few changes made between Shock Rock and Blitzkrieg that distinguish them.
    • Firstly, his powers are based on energy, not electricity. This was done to reduce the number of electricity transformations Bryce has.
    • Secondly, his stone armor is not indestructible. It is more durable than any natural substance on Earth, but there are other-worldly materials that could penetrate it. This change was made to make him less powerful of a transformation. Over-Powered is boring, and we've done the same with Canon aliens.
    • Third, his most prominent ability is his weapon creation as opposed to his energy manipulation. This was done to make him a more unique transformation. This will become more apparent after his first appearance.
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