Blitzdactyl is the Omegatrix DNA fusion between Blitzwolfer and Astrodactyl. It is one of the fusion aliens from the series Vladimir: The Omniverse Adventures

Blitzdactyl 2
General Information
Species 1/2 Astropteradoctylus

1/2 Loboan

Home World none
Body humanoid wolf with beak and wings
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Speed, Sharp Claws, Sharp Teeth, Ultrasonic Howls, Enhanced Smelling, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Climbing, Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Stamina, Flight (by using jetpack), Retractable Wings, Propulsion Blast, Energy Whips, Internal star power

, Space Survivability.

Equipment Jetpack
First Appearance ...


Similar to the image in the infobox.

Powers And Abilities

He has all of Blitzwolfer and Astrodactyl's abilities, along with a special ability known as Sonic Whip. When he starts spinning his whips he can create a big and powerful sonic howl.


Blitzdactyl is weaker than Blitzwolfer, because Astrodactyl was very weak.

That was shown in Unsolved Problems, when a big rock was thrown at him - he lifted it with difficulty.

Sharp sounds make a big deal for Blitzdactyl, due to the fact that his canine side is very sensitive to them, leaving him stunned.


  • Unsolved Problems:
    • Vladimir used it with the Omegatrix's Randomizer fusion function, wich helped him greatly to defeat Shar's ex-boyfriend.


  • Vladimir can acces Blitzdactyl, only with the "Fusion" function of Omegatrix.
    • To be not cofused with Randomizer Fusion function, the Fusion function alows the wielder to fuse at least 2 aliens togheter to form a fusion. After the aliens have been fused they'r fusion can be accesed just like in the normal alien selection.
  • Those weakneses are kind of Blitzdactyl's real life's weakneses.
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