General Information
Species Nandum
Home World Venus (Planet)
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence
Fire Manipulation
Rock Manipulation
Darkness Manipulation
Light Manipulation
Metal Manipulation
First Appearance Unknown
Blister-Sister is a Nandum from the planet Venus. You can use her if you give her credit.


Blister-Sister has elements representing what Nandams think of humans: She has a rock head, because they think that humans are blockheads; hands made of fire, because when a human punchs you, you burn with pain; metal feet, because humans will stomp out even the smallest plants and replace them with factories.


Blister-Sister, having many elements in her body, can manipulate rock, darkness, light, fire and metal. She often uses these abilities in cunning strategies, such as making a metal mirror in front of her and shooting fire at it so that it will hit an enemy behind her. She also can shapeshift, similar to how humans can adapt to different environments. She has the intelligence of a standard human.


If Blister-Sister is around humans, she will stop fighting to argue with them. However, it is possible to control Blister-Sister so that you will not argue with humans when you turn into her.


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  • Male heroes who use her often refer to her as 'Blister-Brother.'
    • Her name is Blister-Sister because it rhymes and Venus is Earth's sister planet.
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