This alien appears in One odd dream.


This is the female counterpart of Chromastone with hips and the anatomy of a female. Unlike Chromastone, she has no visor, just one big eye that has a blue pupil and big fins from the elbow to the arm that are useful to reflect attacks.

Her yellow hands are able morph into long blades or release electric-like spiderwebs to shock/wrap an enemy either way. Her top lid is crystal and the horn sticking out is more useful to gain rock power for the move Ancient Power.


  • She is around 6'9 foot tall.
  • She is more adapt to water than her male counterpart.
  • She is able to summon rock and ocean power.
  • She can create electric webs.
  • She is blind on land.
  • She can SEE in water.



  • This alien has not been used for two seasons.
  • This alien has a heated body that cools snowflakes once landing on her eye and makes her able to see.
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