General Information
Species Stablinkians
Home World Stablinkia
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Multiple Visions
First Appearance Safety Issues

Blind-Eye is an alien soon to appear in the featured series of July 2012, Hean 10.

and Abilities

Blind-Eye has the ability to share multiple visions. He shoots grey circular nets at opponents' eyes, sucking out their vision so they become blind and giving the vision to Blind-Eye by the net shooting out a ruby red laser of where the eye will be located on Hean. Once the vision of the opponent is finally Blind-Eye's, the enemy's eye can show up anywhere on Hean's body; chest, arm, leg or head.

He can use other opponents visions to see where they're headed, or what they're doing- while the owners of the lost visions have no eyesight whatsoever.


If any toxic gas or liquid gets into any of Hean's enemy's eyes, it could ruin their vision-causing the eye to depart off of Hean's chest, leg, arm or head.


Blind-Eye is a tall white humanoid that has no eyes, until he collects his enemies vision.

Appearances in Hean 10


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