General Information
Species Tartaragnisian
Home World Tarataragnisia
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Unknown at this time
Voice Actor Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Evolved Form/Devolved Form None
Predator/Prey None

BlazeCore is the Sigmatrix's DNA sample of a Tartaragnisian from the planet Tarataragnisia.


BlazeCore is a tall, humanoid-like alien, his head appears to be made of a metal-like substance, but in reality this is a mask worn to protect beings around him from being blinded by the brightness of his head. His neck and arms and exposed, but he wears armor-like shoulder pads and metal on his lower arms and wrists. His chest is covered by an orange chest plate, and the upper part of his legs is protected my armor. The rest of his legs are covered by orange pants, and BlazeCore wears metal-like boots. The Sigmatrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

BlazeCore's powers and abilities will be expanded upon at a later date.


BlazeCore's weaknesses will be expanded upon at a later date.


  • None yet
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