Blasturtle is the Omnitrix's sample of a ShieldHull from the planet Tartlee. Blasturtle was created by Alexandre Magno, inspired by the alien briefly mentioned on the Ben 10 Classic series episode "Ken 10", Shellhead.

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Blasturtle looks like a humanoid robotic organism with green armor, with black and yellow details, and he wears the Omnitrix symbol on his waist. He has a yellow face with a red visor with a green Omnitrix symbol above it. In his turtle-mode, he turns down to be on all fours, and on this form he now uses the two red eyes from the helmet to see what surrounds him. He has one cannon on each side of his shell and also has an extra pair of appendages to help sustain him. Blasturtle also has a built-in gun in between his hace and helmet, which can be revealed when he opens his turtle mouth. He has wheels behind his humanoid legs and two escape pipes on his back.


As a robotic organism, Blasturtle doesn't have considerable emotions, leading him to be a very calculating alien with a cold personality.

Powers and Abilities

Blasturtle has immense physical strength on his bipedal form, but it's his quadrupedal form that is the main show, as he can now use his two cannons on his back to shoot bullet-like fragments, like what Ultimate Humungousaur did. Due to his extra appendages, when he is in his turtle mode he cannot be put straight up by any external means, leaving his mainframe and Omnitrix protected from attacks.


Blasturtle cannot use his firepower for long, as he need a cooldown period to reload his fragments that he uses as ammo.



  1. It's Cool in the Cold


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