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The Blasttrix is a device which is like a badge built by a Cerebrocrustacean named Argon .

It has the ability to[]

  • Make a hoverboard for the user
  • Scan alien DNA
  • Better Omnitrix Symbol

    The Blasttrix!

    Create a shield
  • Transform the user into aliens
  • Create a body armour for the user


  1. SDM(Self Destruct Mode): The Blasttrix turns into a bomb which explodes when the timer runs out.
  2. Watch Mode: It turns into a gauntlet-like thing

    Watch mode

    and attaches to the wrist of the user.


  1. Four Arms
  2. Upgrade
  3. Wildmutt
  4. Heatblast
  5. Stinkfly
  6. Cannonbolt


  • Green: Normal
  • Red: Recharging
    809px-Terraspin in SS

    In Season 2!

  • Blue: Recalibrating
  • Orange: SDM
  • Purple: Being possessed (by Ghostfreak etc.)
  • White: Using a device (see above)

Recalibrated Watch Mode