General Information
Species Creptius
Home Planet Naviata
Body Humanoid Robot
Abilities Radiokinesis
Atomic Blasts

Heat Generation
Enhanced Strength
Pyro Immunity
Cryo Immunity
Radiation Immunity
Energy Absorption

Equipment Containment Suit
First Appearance TBA
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Blaststrike is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Creptius from the planet Naviata.


Blaststrike is about a 7 foot tall, humanoid robot. He has a mechanical grey suit with black on some parts of the suit. On his stomach is a glass protection which holds a large amount of green radioactive plutonium. There is also a glass hole on his chest with plutonium as well, along with one on each of his knees. He has a black horn on his head similar to a rhinoceros, with an outline of green. His hands have a neon green glow around them.

The Omnitrix is on his stomach.


Blaststrike is capable of firing highly radioactive energy beams through his hands which can corrode or melt metallic objects. He can also fire them through the horn in his head.

The energy he radiates is hot enough to melt solid metal and rock, even with his containment suit on, through mere contact.

The energy is actually radioactive Plutonium in plasma form, previously stored in his storages, inside his body.

Blaststrike can create atomic blasts, which can do a deadly amount of damage to its surroundings.

His armour gives him substantial protection against physical attacks.

He can release a powerful wave of Nuclear Energy, that can easily devastate the area around him.

He can fire energy balls and fire energy out of his mouth.

He also has a degree of enhanced intelligence, but only to the degree of a human nuclear scientist.


Blaststrike has a containment suit which stores the radioactive Plutonium. Without this suit, he can become very harmful to his allies and enemies. His suit is made out of a special kind of material that can handle radioactive Plutonium that will not expose any to anyone.


He is vulnerable to carbon dampening rods, which slow down nuclear reactions and inhibit his radiation generating abilities.

His abilities are all derived from his plutonium storage tanks in his body, and if he loses his storage, through their containers breaking or so, he will be powerless. This will also expose innocent bystanders to the radioactive Plutonium, so this transformation is very dangerous to use.




  • Curtis acknowledges this as his most powerful transformation so far.
    • He is cautious never to joke around with this alien.
    • Therefore, this alien is hardly used, only in dire situations.
  • Credits to Reo 54 for usage.
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