Blastback, a new hero introduced in Ben 10: Galaxy Hero.

Blastback is a Solarfoxian from the Sun, Wulf II.

Powers and Abilities:

This Solar Powered Fox has the ability to fire Super-Hot Plasma from his hands, this Plasma is even more powerful (and Explosive) when he is in complete sunlight, or in bright areas. The helmet attached to his "suit" allows him to breathe in any environment without suffering. Along with enhanced durability and superior Intelligence, the "suit" he wears also has a Natural Language Communicator to communicate with beings that don't speak English.


His "Suit" limits his speed somewhat, so it is hard for him to use his agility and speed. His main weakness is the fact that darkness or no absolute light depletes him of his powers completely, making him almost useless in battle.


  • He is an old alien made by K.J March.
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