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Ben is asleep on his coach when suddenly "Hello Ben!" Professor Paradox appears. "What is it Paradox? I'm trying to sleep!" Ben says. "The time has come." Paradox says. "The time for what?!" Ben says. "The time that we pay Vilgax a visit." Paradox says. "Wher


e?" Ben replies. "Do you remember the remember the time Vilgax and Kevin teamed up to kill you?" Paradox asks. "Yeah I do, I put them in the Null Void." Ben says. "Yeah thats the thing. You need to get them out of the Null Void." Paradox says. "Why?!" Ben says. "Because if you don't. Vilgax and Kevin will take over Incarcecon. Create and army.Go back to Earth. Kill you and take the Omnitrix." Paradox says.

"Ok take me to the time right after I put them in the Null Void." Ben says. "Sure" Paradox says. Ben is transported to the Null Void. Ben see's Vilgax and Kevin arguing. "Hey guys do you need some

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help?" Ben says. "Tennyson!" Vilgax and Kevin both shout. Vilgax and Kevin charge at Ben.

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Ben transforms "Fasttrack! Stop it I'm trying to get you out!" Fasttrack says. "A Citrakayah how?" Vilgax says. "I'm Ben from the future." Fasttrack says. "Well then the future shure will be bright without you!" Kevin says. Kevin uses XLR8's speed and chases Fasttrack. Kevin fires Stinkflys goo at Fasttrack. Fasttrack gets stuck. VIlgax lifts Fasttrack up and starts to choke him.

Fasttrack transforms "Benwolf!" Benwolf lets out a sonic howl in Vilgax's face the slashs him. Kevin fires Diamondheads shards at Benwolf. Benwolf counters with his sonic howl. "I've had enough of this foolishness!" Vilgax shouts. Vilgax pick up Benwolf and slams him into the ground.

Benwolf transforms "Big Chill! Ultimate Big Chill!" Ultimate Big Chill freezes Kevin and Vilgax. "Paradox!" Ultimate Big Chill says. "Hello Ben!" Paradox says. "Get them out

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of here!" Ultimate Big Chill says.

Paradox teleports Ultimate Big Chill, Vilgax, and Kevin back to Earth. Ultimate Big Chill transforms "Heatblast!" Heatblast thaws Vilgax and Kevin out. Heatblast transforms back into Ben. "Get us out of here!" Ben shouts.

Ben and Paradox arrive back in Ben's living room. "Now everything is the way it should be." Paradox says. "Good now I'm going back to sleep." Ben says. The End



  • Vilgax
  • Kevin

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