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Blank and the Omnigizer is series co-written by CharbelAhmad, and Dark. It is about a rambunctious Citrakayah (Blank) who is given the Omnigizer by Azmuth's nephew, Pip, on his birthday. Now, he must use its awesome powers to protect the universe, galaxy, planet, etc...


Main Characters


Season 1

Eps..png "Happy Birthday" December 8, 2012 1 1 Ahmad and Charbel
Blank gets the Omnigizer and is tricked to help Pip in his University Project.
Eps. 2.png "The Hunt" December 9, 2012 1 2 Ahmad and Charbel
Dr. Psychobos and Malware send many Bounty hunters to steal Blank's Omnigizer.
Eps. 3.png "Nova Hero to the Rescue!" December 9, 2012 1 3 Ahmad and Charbel
Blank gets stuck as Nova Hero and he can't turn back!
Eps. 4.png "Sacrifice" December 11, 2012 1 4 Ahmad and Charbel
Dr. Psychobos and Malware activate their secret plan.
Eps. 5.png "Finally!" December 13, 2012 1 5 Ahmad and Charbel
Blank gets back the Omnigizer and defeats Malware.
Eps. 6.png "Team" December 14, 2012 1 6 Ahmad and Charbel
Pip and Blank meet Tina, a Tetramand who caused them lots of trouble.
Eps. 7.png "Sea Weed (Episode)" Unknown 1 7 Ahmad and Charbel
When Pip's ship runs out of fuel, they have to stay on Molluskus. But a great threat lurks underneath the water.
Eps. 8.png "NegaBlank Rules, Part 1" Unknown 1 8 Ahmad and Charbel
Malware and Dr. Psychobos clone Blank in an act of revnege. But the clone is way more powerful than expected.
Eps. 9.png "NegaBlank Rules, Part 2" December 1 9 Ahmad and Charbel
After a hot battle against NegaBlank, Blank is captured. But things aren't as they seem.

Season 2

Eps. 1 S2.png "Jumping into Submission" February 27, 2013 1 10 Ahmad and Charbel
Blank unlocks Can'tGaroo, a droopy alien, but he meets a hard challenge using this form against a dangerous Mechamoprh villian.
"Peaceful" February 27, 2013 11  Charbel
Blank visits Appoplexia, discovering that there isn't not only blind rage, but threatened peace.

Omnigizer Aliens

Unlocked Aliens

These are all the known aliens the Omngizer has ever had unlocked/accessed. 

Alien When and how it was Unlocked/Obtained
Blop By Default
Blankmutt By Default
Novahero By Default
Novahero was removed from the Omnigizer after his debut but was later restored.
The Wall By Default
iMan By Default
Hypno-D By Default
Pinkguin By Default
ElectroCute By Default
Gotht By Default
Dragonman By Default


Alien When and how it was Unlocked/Obtained
Metaloo Metaloo was the replacement of Novahero. Unlocked on Nova Hero to the Rescue!.
Pipsqueak Pipsqueak was unlocked by Pip in Blank and the Omnigizer: It's Project Presenting Time!.
Sea Weed DNA scanned from Aquascum in Sea Weed (Episode).
Land Shark Land Shark was unlocked by Pip in Ahmad-Blank: Heroes of the Omniverse.
Slugworm Unknown.
NegaBlank DNA obtained from NegaBlank 2.0 in Blank and the Omnigizer: It's Project Presenting Time!.
OurGlass OurGlass was unlocked through unknown circumstances in Save Santa Clause.
Can'tGaroo Can'tGaroo was unlocked by Blank in Jumping into Submission.
Vibrancy He, along with Can'tGaroo, were unlocked by Blank in Jumping into Submission. He first appeared in Galactic Chaos.
Cuteness Unknown.
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear was unlocked by scanning Winnie in Peaceful.
Blankboar Unknown.
Gluten Unknown
Piranhasaurus Rex Unknown
Moonwalk He was unlocked by Blank in Jumping into Submission.
Milkshake Unlocked through unknown circumstances in Ben-Blank: Protectors of the Omnigizer.
Gluten Unknown
Bugbites Unknown
Tangler Unlocked through unknown circumstances in Tough Rescue.
Kelp-Man Unlocked through unknown circumstances in Tough Rescue.
Gillman DNA obtained by scanning Copernicus Gill, Anur Milligan's ruler.
Elastic Yeti Unknown
Unnamed BATO Alien Unknown
Hugh Munn Unknown
Bonesawr Unknown
Fistron DNA was obtained by scanning Fistina.
Prince Extremely Hairy Unknown
ALG Unknown
Tri-Eye Unknown
Sensufur Unknown
Bladimir Unknown
Bonaparte Unknown

Blank 20.0's Set

This contains all the above aliens, plus Ben Tennyson's Set, and some new ones like Elastic Yeti, Unnamed BATO Alien, Bugbites (whom he unlocked for young Blank), and Cosmic Blank. He even stated that he unlocked all Codon Stream Aliens.

Fan List


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  • The Theme Song will song be made and posted on youtube. Then, it will be linked from here.
  • There will be a Video Game.
  • A third main character project is being disccussed by the Co-writers.
  • There won't be a sequel so far.
  • Blank is going to unlock many aliens in Season 2.
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