Blanco is similar to a white guardian angel, he is a helian and is from the planet Helios Arcana. He has a justice-like type of a character. He dosn't like to fight but when he is really needed he defends the week and becomes a great fighter. He is an alien from the Omnitrox.


  • Flight
  • Healing
  • Can become supernova
  • Can read anyone's heart so he can say if someone is lying or not
  • Can spread positive energy to all living things arround him
  • 2 of his invisible arms

    Can generate 4 invisible, strong, ghost hands from each of his hands that can also touch the intangible that have no length limit
  • Can stay alive in space
  • Invisibilty
  • Can become intangible and make anything he touches intagable as well
  • Can generate force fields
  • Can make anyone go to sleep


Credits go to Digimon and Elfen Lied.

Blanco super nova bright

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