Mutant Drake
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date 12/6/15
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Blake is the eighth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, yet again, the buildings stand tall as the sun shines down upon them. On the level of the streets, the citizens are seen walking by, going about their day like usual. On the pavement, by the street, up close, black boots are seen walking by. The scene now shows Drake, with no hood, just a shirt, walking down the pavement. There is an upset expression on his face. Next to him is John, walking with a blank expression on his face, an expression that is attempting to be positive. They are both walking down the pavement, by the street, together, quietly. 

December 5, 11:23 EDT

John, breaking the silence: Can you please just say something?

Drake: No.

John: Well, technically, you just- said something so-

Drake stops and turns to glare at John who also stops and looks intimidated.

Drake: I'm your watcher, John. I watch you while you do things. That's how it works.

John: It didn't have to be you. I thought you wanted to talk.

Drake: I wanted to watch. That's why I'm your watcher.

Drake continues to walk off. John turns to face the walking Drake and then walks after him.

John: Well you're doing a horrible job at it. You can't just walk off. How would you have eyes on me?

Drake: I don't have to. You make a move. You do something you wouldn't do. And you'll be the one in the dumpster. I won't even use my Nanogenes this time.

John: I'm not the bad guy here, Drake. I was trying to help my sister.

Drake: I could have helped her.

John: She was uncurable.

Drake: You don't know that. You don't know anything. You say friendship is about trust but how can I trust you when you don't even trust me with curing your sister?

John: Why are you asking me these questions? You don't ask questions.

Drake: I have to. I can't just not do what you say because you don't ask me for anything.

John: I asked to be your friend.

Drake: And I didn't obey.

John: I'm sorry. I just- I want things to be the way they used to be.

Drake stops walking again and looks at John who stops walking as well.

Drake: John. There's something I'm going to say and not going to say it again. There is no normal. This is the way things are. You can't change the past. This is it now. If you want to change things, do it now because if you don't then I won't help you.

Drake turns back but doesn't walk off this time.

Drake: I owe you two pizzas anyways.

John, turns to look at Drake: No you don't. And it's slices of pizza.

John walks off with Drake still there. Drake looks to the left then back at John, his head not moving, just his eyes. He then goes off to catch up to him; he's only a few feet away. As Drake moves forwards, a crashing sound is heard. John and Drake stop and turn around completely with a questionable look on their faces. A blue car is then seen being thrown from the behind the corner of the building to the side of them. The car then collides with a taxi which tips over as the cars impact with each other. The blue car is now upside down on its top, in the street, while the taxi car remains on its side, slanted. Citizens are now running and screaming. A Horse Mutant comes from around the corner a moment later. It's a big Mutant but not as large as a building. It's as a big as a truck. That big. The Mutant is brown with patches of red. He throws another car, in front of Drake, by ramming its head into its side and lifting upwards. The car, grey, flies through the air and collides with a building, exploding on contact. The citizens continue running and screaming as the Horse Mutant roars out. John backs away while Drake remains there, getting ready to fight.

John: Drake, you're exposed. You can't fight that thing.

Drake then lowers his arms and backs away from the approaching Mutant.

Drake: Move!

Drake and John run away from the Horse Mutant and enter an alleyway as it passes by.

Drake, using his earpiece: Owens, there's a Class 2-Mutant attack.

Owens, over the earpiece: We're sending reinforcements now.

Drake, using the earpiece: I don't need reinforcements. I need my cover.

Owens, over the earpiece: I'll make sure they take it with them.

Drake slams his fist in the brick wall behind him, breaking a piece off. The Mutant is seen rampaging through the streets, attacking more cars. A figure stands in front of the Mutant. The eyes of the person are seen. Grey eyes. The eyebrows bend downwards, indicated an angry expression. The person is, barely, seen running towards the Mutant Horse. He runs ontop of a flipped over car and jumps at the very edge, as the Mutant Horse passes by, continuing its rampage. The person then grabs onto the Horse Mutant and activates some type of ability as his hands glow and a strange mechanical noise is heard as the glowing continues. Grey particles are seen emitting from the Horse Mutant and are absorbed by the hands of the person. The Horse Mutant then starts to revert back into its normal form until it lies there on the street, as a normal horse. The person who climbed the Horse is lying next to it on the street. Drake looks out from the alleyway and sees both of them. The person gets up, showing that they are a male teenager wearing black boots, brown ripped pants, black shirt with a purple skull on its center, and a black coat with purple linings. His hair is black. Long and messy. John appears from the alleyway, noticing what happened as well.

John: What- What happened?

Drake: I don't know.

Title Sequence

The streets are seen once again. The fencing stands tall around the perimeter of the MCA Building. A truck passes by the building.

Owens, voice over: What happened?

The scene is now inside the building, set within a large room. There is a big curved glass table centered in the middle of the room with large monitors on the walls behind it. The floor idents downwards behind the table, making space for desks with computers. There are many MCA Officers in the room but plenty of space between them. Drake and John are seen seated at the table. 

Briefing Room
December 5, 12:43 EDT

 Agent Owens is seen standing in front of the table, looking directly at them.

John: Well-

Owens: Not- from. you.

John slouches in his seat.

Owens, turns head slightly to look at Drake: What's your report?

Drake: There was a Class-2 Mutant attack. To keep myself- kept, I disengaged and took shelter with John.

Owens: And the Mutant?

Drake: Cured. Not by me though.

Owens: By who?

Drake: If I knew, I would have said something.

Owens: This is a big issue, Drake. If there is the chance of another Class-3, he needs to be brought in as soon as possible. We can't let him get away.

John: What about me?

Owens: What about you?

Drake: If there's a Class-3 involved, John could locate him with my biometric readings or something.

Owens: John is suspended from working with any of our equipment or acting on any missions.

Drake: He won't. I'll be doing the work. He will just advise me. He has his own equipment.

Owens raises an eyebrow.

Owens: I'll have a word with the Director but for now we need you out there locating the possible Class-3.

The scene cuts to Drake and John walking out of the Briefing Room, into the corridor.

John: I didn't say anything about helping.

Drake: Well now you're going to.

John: Why are you giving me a chance? I thought you couldn't trust me.

Drake: You want me to go back in there and tell Owens not to give you that chance?

John: ...No.

Drake: Then get your things. I'll be outside.

Drake walks down the corridor. John looks around and exhales. The scene cuts to streets once again. 

December 5, 13:22 EDT

 Drake and John are seen walking down the pavement.

Drake: Anything?

John, checking analyzer projected over his eye: Nothing. Maybe he's not a Class-3.

Drake: What else can he be?

John: I don't know. I would know if I had time and resources.

Drake: You had those things. It's your fault you don't have them now.

John: Why are we back here? If he's hiding, he'd be far away from here.

Drake: Unless he was here before the Mutant came here.

John: What does that mean?

Drake: He's close.

John, looking around: Nothing. -Wait. Wait. I'm picking up something.

Drake: What is it?

John: High amount of Nanogene activity close by. Up ahead towards the left.

Drake looks over to that direction and sees a person in a black coat walking away.

Drake: That's him.

John: If he sees us, we'll loose him. What we need is a angle where we can't be spotted.

The scene cuts to Drake, using his wing form, flying over the street, carrying John.

John: This wasn't exactly what I had in mind. How are we not being seen right now?

Drake: Invisibility, I think.

John: At least we're at a good angle to get a scan of him. I need to look into that invisibility stuff when I- uh- get my rights back.

Drake: Is it him?

John: Yes. But I'm still not confirming the Class-3 part.

Drake: It looks like he's going into that bank.

John: The abandonned looking one that's all boarded up? 

Drake: Are there any more of them?

John: Nope just the one.

Drake lands close by and deactivates his wing form. John looks at the bank with his Nanogene analzyer.

John: I'm getting a lot of Nanogene activity from this place. I guess this is where he lives.

Drake: Come on.

Drake and John cross the street over to the bank. They walk by the side of the bank. One its side there is a poster saying "Tough enough to be the champion? 10K Grand Prize!" and graphffti reading "Tara + Meagan were here". Also on the side is a door. Drake tries the door but the knob doesn't turn.

John: Must be locked. Maybe there's another way aro-

Drake looks around then kicks the area under the door knob and the doors flies open, still on its henges.

John: Or you can do that.

Drake walks in and looks around. The interior of the bank looks dirty. Unkeep. Some things are knocked over but the chairs are all upright. All of them except two, maybe three.

Abandonned Bank
December 5, 13:55 EDT

A ruffling sound is heard coming from the back of the building. Drake vaults over the counter and heads for the back. John, instead, opens the counter flap and follows after Drake. In the back of the bank, Drake enters a room where the person in the black coat is seen unloading something from a bag into the vault. The person then stops and sniffs the air. He sniffs the air again and then turns around.

Person: Who the heck are you?

Drake: That's what I want to know.

Person: You ain't knowing anything about me.

Drake: I know you're a Mutant. That you have powers.

Person: How-

Drake: I saw you. You cured that Mutant earlier today. How?

John enters the room.

John: Hey.

Person: Who's your friend?

Drake: He's not my friend.

John: But we're not enemies or anything so-

Person: What? You're frienemies?

Drake: What? No. I don't know what that is.

John scans the person with his Nanogene Analyzer.

John: Definitely has a large amount of Nanogene activity within him.

Person: You're not with the cops, are you?

John: MCA.

Person, with a sarcastic tone: Oh even better.

Drake: How is that better than the police?

Person: It's called sarcasim. What were born under a rock?

Drake: I said shut up... What's your name?

Person: Blake. That's all you need to know. Look, I'm not going to get locked up.

Drake: You won't. We just want to know how you cured that Mutant.

John: And we-

Drake: Just that.

John stops.

Blake: I don't know. I don't know when it started but I would get these pains. And they would hurt all of the time when I was around anything Mutated. Like I was being called to them. That's when I learned I could cure them.

John: Wait so you can detect Nanogenes?

Blake: Nanogenes? What?

Drake: Forget it. We could use your help.

Blake: I don't need anyone especially them secret agents with their Mutant killing programs.

Drake: They don't kill Mutants.

Blake: And how do you know, huh? I can't trust you. You're one of them and-

Drake activates his claw form and shows it to Blake who looks surprised. John looks surprised as well.

Blake: Whoa... You're- You're-

Drake: Yeah. I'm a Mutant too. (deactivates claw form)

Blake: This is great! I thought I was the only one. All of them are nuts. They attack people but you- You're not like them.

Drake: You too.

Blake: Are there any more like us?

Drake: It's- uh-

John: Complicated?

Drake: Yeah. I think.

Owens, over Drake's earpiece: Drake, Do you copy?

Drake, using his earpiece: Yeah.

Owens, over his earpiece: We're moving into position now. Ready to contain.

Drake, using the earpiece: What? (disengaging from the earpiece) What are they doing here?

John: Who?

Drake: MCA?

Blake: MCA is here? Dude, we gotta bail.

John: I gave them our position. This was the mission, Drake.

Drake: That's not my mission. (to Blake) Go. I'll catch up.

Blake closes the vault door, locks it and runs out of the room.

John: What are you doing?

Drake: Let me handle this.

John: Drake, I don't trust him. He's acting really suspecious and just because he might be another Class-3 like you doesn't mean he's anything like you.

Drake: MCA has its protocols. I've seen them up close. There are better ways. Guess I was wrong to trust you again.

Drake runs out of the room, leaving John there, alone. Behind the bank, Blake is waiting there, impatiently, when Drake comes around the corner.

Blake: Good. You made it.

Drake: Move.

Drake pushes Blake out of the way and activates his claw form again. He stabs the manhole cover underneath him at its edge and prys it open. Blake and Drake exit through the opening in the ground and close the manhole cover again. John comes around the corner with two MCA Officers only to find that no one is there.

Owens, over John's earpiece: Is the asset contained?

John, using his earpiece: No. He escaped... with Drake.

The scene cuts to the sewers where Drake and Blake are seen walking along the side by the waste flowing by. 

December 5, 14:12 EDT

Blake: Nice work with the manhole cover, Drake.

Drake is silent.

Blake: What's up, man? You're not- You're not saying anything.

Drake: I work with those people and I just left them up there.

Blake: They were going to hurt me.

Drake: Yeah.

Blake: Hey. You did good, okay? But we can do better. Together, y'know.

Drake: What do you mean?

Blake: Like a team. A what was it? Nanogene Team.

Drake: I work alone.

Blake: So do I, Drake. But that was before I met you. You can change your hands into awesome tools. Imagine how useful it is. And I can cure Mutants.

Drake: So can I.

Blake: So what does MCA want with me?

Drake: Probably to use you in case something happens to me. But you won't see the outside world again. Not until you're done with the training and testing. I'm still doing it.

Blake: How'd you get out?

Drake: I just do.

Blake: My parents were killed after they were mutated. I had to go on my own since then. Fighting to survive at any cost. But you and me. We're the same. We can help each other.

Drake: How?

Blake: You want to help Mutants, right? I know a spot but I never dared to go on my own. Now there's two of us. What do you say?

Drake: Let's do it.

The scene cuts to a storage warehouse by the docks. 

Abandoned Warehouse
December 5, 16:53 EDT

 Inside, a humanoid pale green Mutant with big, black lips and mis-shaped yellow teeth is seen rested against a collumn within the warehouse. The sound of metal bending is heard, awakening the Mutant. The Mutant looks up and sees the warehouses being idented. More idents are caused in the metal. The Mutant now stands on all fours, backing away from the door. The door is then knocked down and flies off, skeeding against the warehouse floors. Drake enters the warehouse, hood up, with Blake at his side. Blake has a smile on his face as he looks at the Mutant in the warehouse.

Blake: Looks like my tip was right.

Drake: There are Mutants hiding in these warehouses?

Blake: I hear someone's stashing 'em.

Blake steps forth and approaches the Mutant. The Mutants roars out at Blake and charges towards him.

Blake, scared: AH! Drake, help!

Drake runs ahead of Blake and punches the Mutant into the wall. The Mutant gets up and roars out at Drake. Its stomach rumbles and expands slightly until it stops expanded and sletches as a beam of green goo is fired from the Mutant's mouth at Drake. Drake forms an X-shape with his arms, blocking the goo. Drake ignites his hands which melts the goo off. Drake shouts out at the Mutant.

Voice: Hey! What are you doing?

Drake turns around and sees a man in the opening where the warehouse doors should be. He's an adult wearing a yellow shirt with a blue tie, grey pants and brown shoes. His hair is ginger and he has blue eyes.

Man: That's my Mutant.

Drake: Your Mutant?

Man: Yes. I'm Larry. I work with an um- organization that collects these Mutants.

Blake, cracking his neck: Do you?

Larry: Yes. We take good care of them. I was here to give it some food. They don't attack me.

Drake: I thought it was a regular Mutant. That it was hiding in this place.

Larry: And how did it get in? It used a key? You're committing a crime, y'know. Tresspassing. Endangering my property.

Drake: Kidnapping Mutants doesn't seem like a justice to society too.

Larry: What are you going to do? Report me to the Mutant Police? You're a Mutant too. In fact, I should own you right now.

Larry reaches for something in his pocket.

Drake: Move and you'll have to run for the water in order to put out the fire you'll be burning in.

Larry glups.

Drake: Hurry up and cure that Mutant, Blake.

Blake: Yeah. I could. But I have a better idea. I think we should just kill this guy and take all his Mutants for ourselves.

Drake: ...No.

Blake: Come on. It'll be fun. Besides, don't you want to cure all of those Mutants?

Drake: We're not killing anyone.

Blake: Why not? People are just going to get in our way anyways. I bet that MCA has a whole bunch of those Nanogenes. We can take them. Both of us. They'll be powerless. We'll own the world and take what we want.

Drake: That's not the right thing to do.

Blake: Who cares about the right thing? Nobody does the right thing to me.

Drake: I am.

Blake: No you're not. You're saying no to me. Nobody says no to me. Nobody that wants to help says no. You want to help me? Say yes. Join me. We can be partners.

Drake: Partners in crime?

Blake: Yes!

Drake: No. I'm not a criminal, Blake.

Blake: We'll see about that.

Blake makes his way over to the Mutant.

Drake: What are you doing? Blake. Blake!

Blake grabs the wounded Mutant and starts activating his powers as his hands glow and a mechanical sound is heard. Different from Drake's. It has more deeper in pitch. The Mutant starts to be cured into Human Form. A child wearing a blue and green shirt with a collar, brown shorts and white sneakers. His hair is blonde and his eyes are closed. Blake continues to use his powers on him, making the child look weaker, shriveled even. Drake grabs Blake and throws him off of the child. Blake laughs sinsterly as he gets up and his hands glow with particles surrounding him. He cracks his neck again as his muscles grow stronger and more indepth.

Blake: That was good.

Drake: You're not out there curing Mutants. You're out there killing them.

Blake: I told you. I get these pains whenever I'm near them. Any Mutant out there is just another word for food. And they taste awesome.

Drake: Mutants are people. They're just corrupted by the Nanogenes.

Blake: I need more Nanogenes. These particles things. I know what they are now. They're these Nanogenes you keep talking about. I need more of them. And he knows where to get more Mutants.

Blake looks at Larry who backs away from the warehouse.

Drake: I won't let you hurt him or anyone else again.

Blake: What are you going to do? Burn me?

Blake punches Drake in the face and kicks him into the wall. Drake attempts to get up but Blake grabs him and holds him against the wall.

Blake: I don't even know why I was in a hurry to get to the kid when I have the biggest Nanogene meal I've ever had right here.

Blake starts using his powers on Drake but Drake fights back. The Nanogene particles start vibrating at a high speed until a discharge goes off and knocks Blake away from Drake but knocks Drake into the wall, hard. As he drops to the floor, Drake holds his head as his vision gets dizzy. The scene then fades into a flashback scene as the warehouse transitions into the inside of a house. A Young verson of Drake is seen sitting on the couch in the living room. 

Drake's Home
7 Years Ago

 Drake's mother, now seen with more detail then before but still not enough, enters the room.

Young Drake: Mom.

Drake's Mother: Yes, Drake?

Young Drake: What happened to Zack?

Drake's Mother: Well uh- Zack isn't coming back anymore.

Young Drake: Why not?

Drake's Mother: You know why, Drake.

Young Drake: Is it because of the science fair?

Drake's Mother: Yes. It is.

Young Drake: I'm sorry, Mom.

Drake's Mother: Oh baby. It wasn't your fault. (sits next to Drake) It was Zack's responsibility to make sure you didn't do anything you weren't supposed to do and he admitted that it was in fact his fault. I personally don't blame him for what happened but we just can't have him around the house anymore, Drake.

Young Drake: Is it because of the officers?

Drake's Mother: No, Drake. It's because of the town.

Young Drake: Oh. (after a moment) Where's Dad?

Drake's Mother: He went out to talk with a friend from work.

Young Drake: Oh.

Drake's Mother: It's things like that, Drake. You think you know someone but you really don't. Not everyone is who they say they are. You can only trust your family.

Young Drake: But he was family.

Drake's Mother: I know, Drake. I know.

Drake's Mother hugs Drake who looks out, blankly, as the scene fades back to the warehouse. Drake wakes up and sees John standing above him next to Agent Owens.

John, to Owens: Looks like he's coming to.

Owens: What were you thinking?

John: I'd give him a minute.

Owens: You ruined our chances with a possible Class-3.

Drake, getting from the floor: It would have never worked. He's killing Mutants for their Nanogenes. Where's Larry?

John: Who's Larry?

Drake: Male. Yellow Shirt. Ginger.

John: Nope. Nobody like that around here.

Owens: Who is this Larry character?

Drake: He works with an organization that owns Mutants. Blake wants in and probably took Larry.

John: Well you know how I scanned for him before but couldn't find him? That's his Nanogene Activity lowering after his first potential Nanogene spike. I assumed so because its the same data I got from when I managed to get a proper scan on him in the vault room.

Drake: Okay but how did you find me? I turned my communicator off.

John: I convinced Owens to let me use my Nanogene Detector in order to locate Blake. From there, Owens was going to torture him until he gave us your location.

Owens: I wouldn't mind doing the same to know his location.

Drake: Can't you track him again?

John: Can't. His signal is weak.

Drake: He needs more Nanogenes and he's attracted to them. Look for the bigger sources of Nanogene activity close by.

John activates his Nanogene Analyzer by holding its side, activating a holographic screen over his eye.

John, searching: Yeah! There's a Nanogene signature on the Brookyln Bridge.

Owens: MCA Officers caught another Mutant in Brookyln, bringing it back to the Outpost.

Drake: That's where he'll be.

Owens: I'll contact the transport now.

Owens heads off, using his earpiece communicator.

Drake: John, you were right. I should have trusted you.

John: No. It's alright. You had your reasons. I should have trusted you with my sister. Thanks to you, she's doing better. Much better. And I can finally spend proper brother-sister time with her now.

Drake: You can only trust your family.

John: Well you're like family to me. Hope that works out with you.

Drake: Let's just keep it as friends. You have my back?

John: You got it.

Drake activates his wing form and grabs John. They fly off away from the warehouse. The scene cuts to a bridge with the MCA Transport Truck driving down it. Inside, two MCA Officers are seen seated. 

Brooklyn Bridge
December 5, 18:02 EDT

 On the communications system, on the dashboard, an incoming transmission is heard.

Owens, over the communications system: MCA Transport, report.

Passenger MCA Officer: This is MCA Transport K11, what's your status?

Owens, over the communications system: This is a warning. You have an incoming Class-2, possibly 3, coming for your cargo.

Driver MCA Officer: Can you please repeat that?

The passenger side window then breaks as a hand grabs the MCA Officer and throws him out of the truck. The truck tips over and collides with the side of the bridge. Drake then lands close by with John, drops him off then deactivates his wing form. The two stand ready as the truck moves slightly forwards.

Drake: Show yourself, Blake.

A growling is heard as a big figure is seen rising from behind the truck.

John: Is that the Mutant they were transporting?

Drake: ...No. It's-

The big figure stands into view, showing itself as a heavily mutated version of Blake. This version has longer hair, a dislocated jaw, wider eyes with smaller, more narrow, pupils, large overarching arms with cracked skin covering them, three crystal-like blades emerging from the side of each arm, wings on his back with the same technic design as the hoverboard form, and wires, similar to the ones on the swimming form, wrapped around his legs and torso.

Blake: Drake...

Drake: What did you do?

Blake: You did this to me!

Drake: You tried to absorb my Nanogenes just like the other Mutants you killed.

Blake: It didn't work. You tricked me!

Drake: I didn't do anything.

Blake: LIAR!

Blake creates a large fireball and fires it at Drake and John.

Drake: Look out!

Drake pushes John out of the way and activates his enlarged hands and blocks the fireball using his X-Shape defense, like before. Blake charges for Drake, striking at him but Drake grabs his arm. Blake uses his other arm to fire a diamond projectile at Drake. It enters his leg. Drake yells out in pain.

Blake: How does it feel to be in pain?

Drake ignites his right arm and punches Blake's side, knocking him into the left side of the bridge.

Drake: You tell me.

Drake deactivates his enlarged hands and removes the shard from his leg. Grunting in the process. Blake stands back on his feet and looks at Drake.

Blake: Thanks to you, I'm one of those Mutants hiding in warehouses. I'm a freak. A monster.

Drake: You were always a monster on the inside. Now it's on the outside.

Blake grunts and moves quickly towards Drake who activates his diamond claws. He then slashes at Blake who roars out and holds his chin tightly. Blake then laughs.

Blake: You can't win, Drake. I have all your moves in a single hit. I'm unstoppable.

Drake: It doesn't have to be this way, Blake.

Blake: What do you care? All you did was hurt me!

Drake: I tried to help, okay? It's not like anyone would have ever helped you before.

Blake: Guess what. I don't need your help. Not anymore. From here on out I'm looking after myself and no one is going to stop me from getting what I want. And I will get what I want-

Blake removes his hand from his chin revealing a diagonal scar.

Blake: At any cost. Drake: I can't let you get away with that, Blake.

Blake: Trying to be the hero. You can't stop me. Everyone in this city will get what's coming to them. Even you.

Blake strikes Drake who is knocked into the bridge floor. He throws three diamond projectiles at Blake who blocks it with his left arm. Blake snarls out at Drake and turns to the MCA Transport Truck. The Driver manages to escape just as Blake grabs the truck and hauls it over his head. He then throws the truck right at Drake, still armed with his claw form. Drake then forms an X-Shape with his arms as the truck hits him but doesn't knock him away. Instead, the truck is sliced by the claws as it passes through Drake, breaking into pieces. The truck then explodes behind Drake, looking seriously at Blake. John is seen from a distance, observing the fight. Through the vision of his Nanogene Analyzer, the scene shows his interface scanning the Biometrics of both Drake and Blake. After an instance, the results come up, showing the same Nanogenes. The scene then shows John, out of the Analyzer vision.

John, calling out to Drake: Drake! Blake's Nanogene signatures are almost identical to yours.

Drake, throwing some diamond projectiles: Yeah, I found that out already.

John: No that's not what I meant. I mean, he has practically the same Biometrics which means they react they same way you do except his forms are locked permanently and you can change yours.

Drake: What's the point, John?

John: Point is, if your strengths react similarly-

Drake: What about our weaknesses?

John: Exactly. Now if only there was some water nearby.

Drake: I think I found some. Keep him distracted.

John: How? I'm a nerd with a headset!

Blake approaches Drake.

John, cupping hands around mouth: Hey freak! Over here!

Blake stops and turns to face John.

Blake: What did you call me?

John, lowering arms: Ah crud now I've done it.

Blake then approaches John, increasing his speed and roaring at the same instance until he is hit by a fireball, knocking him towards the right side of the bridge. Blake attempts to turn but is hit by another fireball, knocking him down. He attempts to get up but, again, he is hit. This time into the side of the bridge. Blake looks up and sees Drake, standing ready, armed with his enlarged hands. Drake runs towards Blake, striking at him. Over and over and over and over and over and over again. 6 consecutive punches, with each, moving Blake back more and more. Blake expands his Technic-wings and starts flapping, raising from the ground. Drake steps on Blake's large torso and reaches for the wings, grabbing them and burning them after igniting his hands. Blake yells out and falls on the railing, it breaking upon the impact with his back. Blake then falls off of the bridge, grabbing onto the ledge, tightly, dangling there with Drake above, watching him.

Blake: Wait- Don't do this. We can still work things out. We can still be partners. Face it, we're the same.

Drake, grimly: We. Are not. The same.

Drake then slams his fist into Blake's hand, causing him to loose his grip and fall from the Brooklyn Bridge. He waves his arms around, yelling out, until he impacts with the water and is no longer in sight. Drake and John look over the edge of the bridge.

Drake: How do we know it works?

John: I'm not picking up any Nanogene activity but this doesn't work on detecting life forms.

Drake: Is he- dead?

John: No. He can't be. MCA will fish him out. Look, you did the right thing.

Drake, quietly: Yeah.

The scene shows the Bridge from a further view from a upper angle. The scene transitions to the MCA Building, at its corner. Inside, Agent Owens is seen entering the room with John. 

Briefing Room
December 5, 19:14 EDT

Owens: Have you heard from Drake?

John: He said he was going out.

Owens: Where?

John: That's all he said.

Owens: Well your work in the field was- acceptable.

John: ...Thanks. I mean Thank you, sir- er Agent. Uh- Owens. Or should I not- okay, I'll shut up now.

Owens: While I'm not too open about the suggestion, The Director believes you're capable of working again, by your choice, of course. You do have the choice to leave without charges.

John: Work. I know I messed up but this is where I belong. Anything to find a cure or at least help people. Not everyone can pick up some swords and be a super ninja. Heh.

Owens looks at John seriously. John notices and removes his expression immediately.

Owens: Fine but acknowledge the fact that your work is still very limited. You won't be able to work on any actual material involving Nanogenes nor attempt to acquire data for yourself. All of your findings will be reported and all of your uses with the equipment will be logged. Any failure to comply and you will be terminated with consequences. Do I make myself clear?

John: Yes, si- uh- Yes.

Owens walks past John then stops when in front of the door.

Owens: Call me a ninja again and I will personally take that machine in your ear and analyze your organs.

Owens then walks forwards, the door opening horizontally and automatically as he does, and exits the room. John has a wide eyed expression on his face. He glups nervously. The scene cuts to the Kate's apartment building among all of the other towering buildings in the city. The sky is dark and the clouds are grey. Stars are seen in the sky, in the distance, of course. 

Palatial Valley Apartments
December 5, 19:34 EDT

 Drake, now entering the scene, lands on the balcony on the apartment using his wing form. He deactivates the form and approaches the glass door. He knocks on the glass and waits. After a moment, Kate comes to the window and looks at Drake. Drake stands there with his hood up, looking right at the glass window. Kate opens the glass door.

Kate, sounding surprised: Drake.

Drake, approaching her: I wanted to come earlier. I need to talk to-

Kate: Not now. There's uh-

Drake: What? What is it? Are you hurt?

Kate: It's not me. It's- It's you. I need to show you something.

Drake looks up at Kate. The scene cuts to the inside of the apartment. Kate sits on the couch and looks at the television with Drake watching from behind the couch, hood down.

TV, unseen: And more reports are coming in of a mysterious figure causing damage to the city. Officers of the NYPD have been dispatched to contain the destruction this creature has brought. There are fires, wounds and scares throughout the city. People are now saying the hooded stranger, known as The Vigilante, who has been rumored to be saving people, is now doing the opposite and causing the damage this night has brought upon us. This is Beth Kreisberg, Central News.

Kate turns behind her and looks at Drake, who's still looking at the screen. 

Kate: Drake- say something.

The scene zooms on Drake's face slowly as Kate talks to him.

Kate: Drake. Drake, please. Say something. Please tell me you didn't do this. Drake.

The scene is now only showing Drake's face, still watching the screen, unable to speak.

Kate: Drake!


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake and John encounter Blake.
  • Drake and John are friends again.
  • John regains his job rights however not entirely.
  • Destruction is caused to the city in which Drake is held responsible.

Minor Events

  • Drake betrays MCA for the first time.
  • Drake is early for a meeting with Kate for the first time.


  • Drake
  • John
  • Agent Owens
  • Larry (First Appearance)
  • Kate
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Drake's Mother (Flashback)
  • MCA Officers
  • Beth Kreisberg (Voice Only)
  • Citizens


  • Blake (First Appearance)
  • Mutants
    • Horse (First Appearance)
    • Unidentified Acid-Spitting Class-2 (Cured) (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Fire Fists (x3)
  • Crystal Claws (x3)
  • Stealth Wings (x3)


  • When Drake and John attempt to enter Blake's Hideout, there are a couple of references on the Bank's wall:
    • There is a poster saying "Tough enough to be the Champion?" 10K Grand Prize!". A reference to Ben 10 episode,  Ready to Rumble, where Ben is inspired to compete after looking at a poster when finishing a poetry session with Gwen and Max.
    • There is also a piece of graffiti saying "Tara + Meagan were here". An allusion towards voice actors, Tara Strong and Meagan Smith.
  • When Blake mentions the term "Frienemies" within the bank, its a very obscure reference to the Brandon 10 episode, Frienemies, which begins with a robbery at a bank.


  • This episode was originally meant to be co-written but the Co-Writer was unavailable again.
  • This is the first episode named after a character within the series.
  • The reason why Drake goes all out for Blake is because he wants to help him since he failed to do so in the previous episode with Psyche.
  • Drake is caught off guard and put in a situation where he can't use his powers without his hood for the first time.
  • The ending scene with Kate was originally going to start with Drake coming to the alleyway early only to find Kate there waiting. Drake addresses how they're both early when Kate changes the topic because she wants to discuss something important which would lead to the next episode. The next variation was that same exact scene leading to Kate's apartment where they watch the news on TV then the episode ends. In the final version, the alleyway part of the scene was removed and the scene was set at Kate's apartment building.
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