Rex's Mobian Transformation

Blade is a Mobian EchidnaBat from the Planet Mobius he is Rex's fastest Transformation in The Omegamatrixx which is used by Rex Forte he is a chaos gaurdian so he has chaos power and the ability to go super


Chaos Spear

Chaos Rush

Chaos Lance

Chaos Bomb

Chaos Blast

Super Speed

Chaos Control (time manipulation)

Chaos Katana

Super Transformation

Super Strength

Retractable Spiked Knuckles

Super Stamina



Energy Projection

Laser Vision

Super Rex

Super Rex

Super Rex is the transformation Rex goes through when he gather's all seven chaos emereralds or when he goes ultimate.

Super Rex Powers

Ultra Chaos Spear

Ulra Chaos Rush

Ultra Chaos Lance

Ulta Chaos Bomb

Ultra Chaos Blast

Chaos Judgement

Chaos Fire Tower

Enhanced Super Speed


Ultra Chaos Control (time manipulation)

Chaos BusterBlade

Enchanced Super Strength

Metal Retractable Spiked Knuckles

Enhanced Super Stamina

Longer Range Teleportation


Larger,Faster,Stronger Energy Projection

Ultra Laser Vision

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