Blackstone by HIIVolt 07-1-
General Information
Species Crystalsapien/Petrosapien Fused
Home World the Spore
Body Crystal Alien Fused Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Amazing strength

enhanced durability

Ultraviolet Positive Energy Projection

Energy Absorption



Powerful Forcefields

Crystal Generation

Energy Refraction and Redirection

Crystal Shard Projectiles

Explosive Crystals

Crystal Weapon Manifestation

Energy Sensing

Will Power

First Appearance Uknown
Blackstone is a hero from the series Omni-Spore, but has not made an appearence yet.

About Blackstone

Blackstone is a fusion of Diamondhead and Chromastone. He looks exactly like a fusion of the two aliens because his body is overall purple body color with several lines and dots, making him an alien made of crystals and diamonds that are the color light blue, and he is also muscular. He has shards on his arms, chest, back, and one on his head resembling a horn (just like Chromastone), with also some diamonds on his knees. Unlike both Diamondhead and Chromastone, Blackstone doesn't have a mouth. Blackstone is good hearted, a great fighter, cares about his allies, decides not to kill anyone (even when enraged), and he has a thrill for battle, meaning he likes to fight strong opponets. Blackstone also carries both of Diamondhead's and Chromastone's powers which include enhanced durability, ultraviolet positive energy projection, energy absorption, regeneration, flight, amazing strength, making powerful forcefields, crystal generation, energy refraction and redirection, crystal shard projectiles, explosive crystals, crystal weapon manifestation, can sense anyones energy, strong will power (which is a power that neither Chromastone or Diamondhead have), and self destructing (which is actually his weakness).


  • He has not yet made an appearence in Omni-Spore.
  • When Blackstone speaks, it sounds like Diamondhead and Chromastone are talking at the same time.
  • He posses all of Diamondhead and Chromastone's powers except for will power (a superpower that the Green Lantern has), and his only weakness being to self destruct.
  • Unlike Diamondhead or Chromastone, Blackstone does not have a mouth.
  • Since Diamondhead is big, and Chromastone is skinny, Blackstone is kind of in between, and also muscular.
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