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Black Phantom is an upcoming villain in an upcoming episode of Ben 10: Galactic Smash.

He is a Super Mutant created by Dr. Animo and cybernetically enhanced by the Techadon Weapon Master Number 13. He is part of Ganthar's Negative 10.

He is 1/6 Vladat, 1/6 Vicetopus, 1/6 Deathstalker Scorpion and 1/2 machine.


Powers and Abilities

From Alien DNA

He has all the powers of Whampire and Vicetopus

From Earth Animal DNA

He possesses a venomous tail.

Mutant Powers

  1. He has teleportation similar to Marvel's Nightcrawler except the fact that he can teleport 6 miles instead of 2.
  2. The ability to control darkness and its unique property of gravity. The darkness is visually demonstrated by a black smoke-like substance spreading out from Black Phantom's body. The darkness is a void that devours and crushes everything. Due to this, Black Phantom can absorb physical matter and attacks of any type by sucking it into the darkness. The user can also use this ability to irresistibly pull the opponent to them, regardless of their current state.

Cybernetic Weaponry

  1. Ionized Plasma Blaster
  2. Molecular Destabilizer
  3. Shock Hammers