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When The Omegamatrix was Shot by Albedo's DNA Scrambler, It triggered a mutation in Galaxy Lord Transformation;it made it stromger with but with a dark side and

Dark Galaxy Lord A rouge transformation

like Big Chill and Ghost Freak it is able to take controll of Rex for limited periods. He Is Highly aggresive.


  • Creating Black Holes
  • God-Like Strength
  • Black Hole-Like Projectiles
  • Flight
  • Create Portal Black Holes
  • God-Like Speed
  • Nearly Invincible
  • Teleportation
  • God-Like Strength


  • His attacks reflected back at him
  • Powerful forms of light.


  • His real name is revealed to be Diterias Kintor of the House of Drexxyl
  • He is based off of Breach from the Generator Rex series