Black Hole Sun
Black Hole Sun
General Information
Species Heliosinge
Home World Stefilius
Body Robotic Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts All☆Star
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Heliokinesis
Alien Number -1
Namesake Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
First Appearance Stairway to Heaven

Black Hole Sun is an alien from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Black Hole Sun's abilities include:

  • Solar Energy Manipulation
  • Light/Heat Absorption
  • Flight
  • Heightened Durability
  • Space Survivability


  • Soul Eater: By absorbing all the heat from a living thing, Black Hole Sun gains whatever energy the target was capable of outputting. This also has the effect of flash-freezing his victims, instantly killing those not immune to hypothermia.


Black Hole Sun is a black humanoid alien with a somewhat robotic, armored appearance. He has dull yellow blades on his arms and head, and has an inverted star on his chest in the same color. Parts of his body that peek out from under the armor have a gray plated texture, and he has some sort of glowing yellow light embedded into the center of his head. The symbol of an unknown Omnitrix is on his chest.


Black Hole Sun's physical strength in relation to his body structure is somewhat lacking without any boosts from his Absorption abilities. In addition, his pointed leg structure leaves him unable to walk normally, forcing him to hover wherever he goes.

Planet and Species Information

Black Hole Sun is a an alternate Heliosinge from the planet Stefilius.

The alternate Stefilius is a strange, hollow planet, born in the early days of the universe. As time went on, a star somehow formed around it, obscuring it from most of the universe and killing most life on the surface.

The ancestors of the alternate Heliosinge, however, were able to live on underground during this time, and eventually evolved to survive on the surface, incorporating their technology into their biology in order to gain their current bodies. Thanks to these unique circumstances, the Heliosinge were not discovered by the intergalactic community until very recently.



  • The divergent evolution of Black Hole Sun's species away from the Heliosinge of the Prime Timeline makes Black Hole Sun different enough from All☆Star to count as a separate alien.

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