The Black Hawks are a group of villains that first appeared in John Smith 10: Omniverse. They are a mercenary group, mostly hiring out to only the most powerful and richest of villains. They are lightly based off the Rooters.


Main Members

Secondary Members


While unknown how they started, the small mercenary group is well off by John's return to the dimension. 

Khyber is the first to appear, using his pet to hunt down Liam, in order to use him as Basilisk bait. He is found, stopped and captured by John and Elektra. Ragnarok, from the shadows, recalled his pet with a whistle, the two escaping. It turns out that this was Khyber's plan to get caught, as a Plumber guard frees him and gives him Liam. Khyber then gives Liam the choice to join or die.

Kryptal, a character that was long forgotten, appeared as a consultant for the Forever Knights who had obtained Corrodium. After betraying them and trying to take the Corrodium for himself, he is defeated and arrested by John. As the Plumbers take him and the Corrodium away, Ragnarok appears and they hijack the ship, with the Corrodium.

The Black Hawks appear chasing John as he escorted Vilgax to Incarcecon, planning on killing Vilgax. Liam is revealed to join the Black Hawks, serving Khyber.



  • This group was inspired by the Rooters, specifically Ragnarok being a member of them.
    • However, due to forming the idea before info on the Rooters were revealed, that is all the similarity they have.
  • Their original concept was to be a counter mercenary group to the Crystal Mercenaries, which regularly assist the Plumbers.
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