GhostLord Transformation

Black Banshee is an Ectonurite sample Rex had stolen directly from Zs'kayr himself. The reason for it's much darker appearance was due to Rex's tampering with it's genetic code. Splicing it with Vladat and various other various creatures including Panuncians. The manner in which Rex had created this nightmarish version of an ectornurite is as follows; selecting a physically fit Citizen from a crowd, Rex would then begin to perform psychological evaluations on the subject while keeping them under a constant source of ultraviolet light. Allowing the subject to flee after being subjected to conditioning programs, he would allow the subject to experience euphoria and hope before swiftly recapturing the subject as it was at it's highest. Slowly bringing it to a state of numbness through hallucinogens and sedatives, he would then begin testing as the subject was in a chemically programmed state of euphoria. When the testing was completed, Rex swiftly terminated the subject with the use of a light firearm to the cranium. To this day, the very thought of the process bring Rex a sort of dark humor, making him go into a small fit of quiet chuckling. Now utilizing it's ghostly powers, Black Banshee flies into the battle under Rex's control, a constant reminder of his black little secret.


  • Intangibility
  • Anti-photonic projections (usually fired from the mouth or hands)
  • Hallucinogenic Fear-gas secretion.
  • Flight
  • Able to breathe within the vacuum of space.
  • Able to extend sharp bone growths from body.
  • Invisibility.
  • Sonic Wail
  • Possession
  • Limited Telekinesis


  • He is extremely weak to ultra-violet light and will burn within seconds of exposure.
  • Some chemicals are able to force him out of his intangible state.
  • He is highly sensitive to psychic attacks against his mind.
  • When badly damaged, he will go into a feral state, and will simply begin slashing about blindly in retaliation, which leaves him extremely vulnerable and easily tricked.
  • Due to Rex's past experiments, even the transformation itself has a damaged psyche, adopting a much darker and melancholy personality.
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