Bivalvan OV.png
General Information
Species Orishan
Home World Kiusana
Residence Qortzan III
Timeline Ultimate Ben Timeline
Occupations Hunter/Scavenger
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Water Projection
Moisture Absorption
Underwater Breathing
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Swimming
Equipment Shell Visor
Net Launcher
Propulsion Pack
Relatives Water Hazard (genetic copy)
First Appearance The Last Days of Bivalvan

Bivalvan is a character from the Andromeda Galaxy in Earth-1010. He first appeared in The Last Days of Bivalvan. He is an Orishan from the planet Kiusana currently residing on the planet Qortzan III.


Bivalvan is a humanoid alien with a tough red exoskeleton. He has four blue eyes on his head with an additional two eyes on his chest. His grey mask also has four blue eyes on it. His body is covered in grey barnacles with blue insides.


Bivalvan is usually calm. He prefers to live his life in solitude.

Bivalvan refers to the galaxies by different names. He calls Andromeda the 'Messier Galaxy', which even Timekiller thought was unusual, and he calls the Milky Way Galaxy the 'Sagittarius Galaxy'.

Powers and Abilities

Being an Orishan, Bivalvan has all of the abilities of his species. This includes his ability to project water, as well as his highly enhanced durability.

Bivalvan is a skilled hunter and scavenger.


About a year ago, Bivalvan was one of the five Andromeda aliens captured by Aggregor that escaped on Earth. He tried to build a ship to take him back home by stealing technology from NASA, however he was stopped by Ben as Ultimate Spidermonkey. Bivalvan was scanned by the Ultimatrix, giving Ben access to Water Hazard. Although Bivalvan was initially absorbed by Aggregor and later by Kevin, he was saved when Kevin was cured of his insanity. He was returned to his life of Solitude on Qortzan III by the Plumbers shortly after.

Recently Bivalvan was visited by Timekiller, who proposed that Bivalvan become one of his Time Breakers. After Bivalvan refused, he was attacked and defeated by Time Breaker Tetrax and Time Breaker Vilgax to be turned into a Time Breaker by force.



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