General Information
Species: Duosian
Home World: Spliterra
Body: Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Half-Body DNA Copying
Power Acquisition
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA

Bisector is an alien created by CaT that is free for anyone to use as long as they give proper credit.


Bisector has the ability to copy DNA from other lifeforms into each half of his body, allowing those halves to gain the abilities of whatever he's copied. The copied DNA will be reflected in a slight mutation of the half it's affecting.

In nature, this ability is limited to whatever inhabits his species' surroundings at the moment, but with the Omnitrix, he can access the DNA of multiple aliens at any time, giving him a wide range of options.


Each half of his body is predictably only half as strong as whatever alien he's using in terms of their abilities, and he can't use the same DNA for both sides of his body at the same time to work around it, meaning his power combinations should be chosen carefully to get the most out of the transformation


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  • The name "Bisector" is a portmanteau of "bisect" and "sector".
  • The species name "Duosian" is based on the word "duo".
  • The planet name "Spliterra" is a portmanteau of "split" and "terra".


  • Bisector's half-body gimmick was inspired by Kamen Rider W's Gaia Memory system.
    • The specific detail of the eyes changing shape was inspired by Kamen Rider Build's Fullbottle system.
  • Each half only having half the strength of the original is based on the logic OS used to define the strength of Kevin's abilities in his mutant form.

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