The Biotrix, short for Bio-Mechanical Maximized Ultimate Omnimatrix, is an omnitrix that will appear in Ben 10: Bio Squad, the sequel to Ben 10: Maximum Heroes. It is a streamline gauntlet in apperance. The only new power it has is the power to from Synchrotrix and the power to form the Bio Armor.


  • Green/Normal Mode: When the Biotirx is green, Ben can transform into aliens.
  • Red/Recharge Mode: The Biotrix doesn't normally run out of power, but in extreme circumstances, it does. When it recharges it is red, and it takes about 5 minutes to charge.
  • Yellow/Capture Mode: When the Biotrix is yellow, it is capturing new alien DNA.
  • Blue/Synchrotrix Mode: When the Biotrix is blue, it is about to form the Synchrotrix.

Other Modes

  • Bio Armor Mode: The Biotrix has the power to form an armor around the wearer for a short period of time (30 minutes).

Other Forms

The Biotrix can combine with many different objects. Here are the Combination Matrices:

  • Shadotrix
  • Flamotrix
  • Iotrix
  • Freezotrix
  • Swordotrix
  • Ascatrix

There are also a few retools of the Biotrix:

  • Infinitrix
  • Phantotrix
  • Galactitrix
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