Biosovortians are Lodestar's species. 

Ben as a Biosovortian


Albedo as a Biosorvotian.png

Biosovortians have large spikes on their shoulders (similar to horseshoe magnets), crab-like claws, and two-toed feet. Their head is made of a silver metal, has large, narrow eyes that can change size and is outlined in a white-blue glow. This head floats above their body, signifying their magnetism. Their voices also sound robotic. Wherever the head goes, the body follows, similar to a Polymorph's anti-gravity disc.

Powers and Abilities

Biosovortians can control magnetic fields to manipulate metals and other magnetic objects. They can also create magnetic force fields and pulse waves.

Biosovortians can cause magnetic objects to attract any others nearby, making them fly and collide into the target. As they are also magnetic, they can make magnetic objects fly into them as as well.

Biosovortians can levitate and fly.

Biosovortians are physical enhanced beyond human capabilities, especially in terms of strength and resilience.

Biosovortian can regenerate their bodies, with pieces of it being able to fly and reconnect if the body is broken.

Notable Biosovortians

Evolved Biosovortians

Biosovortian Hybrids/Fusions

  • Ultimate Kevin (part Biosovortian)
  • Meltdown (Galactic Smash Character) 1/3 Mutant Biospvortion



Biosovortians are named after the Biot–Savart law, which is an equation of electromagnetism that describes the magnetic field generated by an electric current.

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