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Day 2 Bioshock.png
General Information
Species Mutant Aerophibian
Home World Aeropela
Body Humanoid Manta Ray
Alternate Counterparts Jetray
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Speed
Neuroshock Blasts
Prehensile Tail
Prehensile/Sharp Feet
Sharp Claws
Sharp Teeth
Space Survivability
Speed Swimming
Underwater Breathing
Heat Resistance
Fire Generation (via Neuroshock Blasts)
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Electricity Immunity
Voice Actor Tom Kenny
First Appearance Up to 11

Bioshock is the Antitrix's DNA sample of a mutant Aerophibian from the planet Aeropela in Ben 10: Missing Pieces.


Bioshock looks like Jetray in Protector of the Omniverse, but his skin is blue and his lightning stripes are outlined in yellow. His body and legs are thicker and his eyes are red. The Antitrix symbol is on his chest.

Transformation Sequence

Powers and Abilities

Bioshock can fly at supersonic speeds. He maneuvers through the air with little to no flapping and accelerates to great speeds with ease.

Bioshock is capable of surviving and maneuvering through space, a task which no amount of flapping would allow. It would appear that he has an additional key to flight beyond his wings. In proportion to his size, he has a very short wingspan, although his weight is unknown.

Bioshock can fire red neuroshock blasts from his eyes and tail. These blasts are strong enough to paralyze a Pyronite and an Amperi, and even cause great discomfort to a Vaxasaurian and destroy a Sonorosian with just one shot. These blasts can also follow their target.

Bioshock is durable enough to withstand gunfire from a fighter jet. He is also heat resistant.

Bioshock can safely fly through the Earth's atmosphere and into space, and travel on an interstellar level. When he is done flying, he can land on his two feet perfectly.

Bioshock has enhanced strength.

Bioshock's strength extends to his feet, which are prehensile, as he is able to carry a Vaxasaurian in the air with his feet without being tired or weighed down.

In addition to his feet, his tail is also prehensile.

Bioshock is resistant against heat, such as that generated by a Pyronite.

Bioshock is highly adaptable underwater.

Bioshock's neuroshock blasts are capable of starting fires.

Bioshock is immune to electricity, such as that generated by an Amperi.


Bioshock's neuroshock blasts can hurt himself if they are deflected at him. Furthermore, firing them causes him discomfort.

Bioshock's neuroshock blasts can be absorbed by either Prypiatosian-Bs or the plasma generated by members of Ball Weevil's species.

Despite his enhanced durability, Bioshock can still feel discomfort when he is being fired at.

Despite his electricity immunity, Bioshock can still be thrown into the air by a strong enough electric blast.

Bioshock is vulnerable to strong winds.

Bioshock's neuroshock blasts are useless against certain non-living targets.

Bioshock can be ensnared by an Arachnichimp's webs.

On the ground, Bioshock is slower than Kinecelerans.

Bioshock is vulnerable to magic.

Bioshock is vulnerable to a Galilean's gravakinesis, as well as the telekinetic abilities of a Celestialsapien.


Missing Pieces


Missing Pieces


  • Credit to Echoson for the infobox image, and Ultra3000 for Bioshock's ability to have his neuroshock blasts follow their target.
  • Bioshock was named after the BioShock video game series, which Ulti has never actually played.